My First time....

What does the blog suggest?? My first time what?? Getting ideas?? Keep them to yourself. Today, with nothing better to write, I plan to let you have a peek into this leaf of my life, which is probably the reason why I am here writing this in the first place. Today, I'll introduce you to my first attempt at writing.

It was way back in class five, when I came to Harvard Public School. All students were asked to submit their entries for the annual magazine. As was my daily routine, I told my parents of the events taking place in school. I told them about the annual magazine. My parents, as usual, asked me to write up something and see if that makes it to the magazine (they didn't know that almost every entry made it to the magazine :)). The only problem was, I had never attempted at writing a work of fiction or anything apart from academics up until that time.

I shrugged it off saying it is not my cup of tea. I was more of a talker then, than the page-filler. Then it all changed on afternoon, not very long after the above mentioned talk with my folks.

My aunt was the principal at this school and she was taking her students to some inter-school competition. I had a holiday that day and I accompanied her to the competitions. I found the topic for the essay writing competition very interesting. So me, a non-participant, getting totally bored...what did I do?? I imagined a story in my head. I was good at it back then. My aunt, knowing fully well that I was bored, gave me a paper and pen, and asked me to attempt writing what I had in mind. I took the pen and paper, very hesitantly of course.

What was the essay topic??

Why did I suddenly remember this??
I found that very same paper I wrote the story on that day, while cleaning out old stuff from the numerous shelves.

I remember showing the paper to my aunt that day and she had been very encouraging. She told me my story was cute but the language needed a bit tweaking. She asked me to start reading more books and start writing more, coz she thought I could do better than that. I thought she was trying to please me then. Nevertheless, I modified that story several times and gave it as my entry for the magazine. And yeah, of course it made it there.

Even though I knew that almost all entries were accepted, mine was nothing special, but to see something that I had written, in a book, printed and bound, something that will be read by hundreds of children and their parents. That gave me a real boost. A sense of pride I had never felt before. And I've loved writing (even if it is nonsense mostly) ever since.

I lost the copy of that magazine... but I can still remember my story with my picture and my name on that page. I can still remember the smile on my parent's and grandma and aunt's face when they saw the very same thing. Its something I guess I will never lose. That was my first attempt and writing... which has continued ever since... and I still continue to bore you with it. :P


P.S: Me and my sister were laughing our heads off reading that story now. I will scan and put it up for you guys ASAP!! :)
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