Diwali Lights on Air India

For starters, I seriously believe the Maggi Noodles counter at Chennai Airport should be immediately removed. It is a bane for someone like me who is trying very hard to get rid of her Maggi addiction. I'm serious! I used to be terribly addicted to Maggie, eating it everyday, until my little tummy decided to shout in disgust. Snehal has also asked me not to eat it for my own good. Everyone in chennai airport was eating Maggi yesterday as I waited for my flight to depart. I found myself loitering near the counter, but eventually didn't let myself cave it. Yaaay!

Oh. Almost forgot.


I had always wondered as to what the view might be from up there during diwali. I mean the sky. Thank god that the Air India flight was delayed by a good 20 mins. The view was spectacular. Chennai is surprisingly well planned. Or at least it seems so, from up there. The firecrackers being burst presented such an impressive picture. I imagined a stupid Hollywood style movie as the plane gained altitude. I was a bit worried thinking what would happen if a firecracker comes and hits the plane. Would the pilot steer it away, saving us from the many fiery obstacles that lay ahead? Eh?? Phew!

It was a good flight and I need to find out who makes the cake they serve on Air India. It is absolutely yummy. I love it. I'm talking about the Chennai-Hyderabad sector. Rest of the food was pretty passable, but that slice of the walnut cake was really good. In fact, all the cakes that I've had on Air India flights in the last one year have been more than decent.

Anyways, I'm going to end here. I'm home now and I dont want to be blogging or facebooking or doing anything on the internet for too long. Going to make Tomato Chutney (I make it pretty good...Don't believe me??).

Wish you all a very happy diwali once again. Enjoy the festival and don't be a nuisance to others :P

Dilemma of a Bloggernoulist

For starters, there is no such term as 'Bloggernoulist'. I'm sure everyone knows that already (including 'Blogger' which indicates it as an error with the red curvy underline. Interestingly, 'Blogger' is also not a recognizable word).

After the initial rambling, I now continue writing yet another wayward post.

Three months into India's top Journo school, we now begin our 'Stream Work' i.e. specialization. I'm in New Media and we started off week one with creating a blog . This is strictly for class assignments, not for my random ramblings. The purpose of this blog is to follow a developing news story by means of RSS feeds from various news websites and writing a 500 word report. Two reports infact. Guess what I chose? YES! FORMULA ONE.

Here is the catch. We need to write our drafts, mail it to the professor in-charge and after he approves what we've written, the content goes on the blog. Now this leaves me completely bewildered.

What is the point of having a blog when there is moderation? A few of us do blog (surprising, considering we are all 'NEW MEDIA' students) and most people aren't even aware of how to set up an RSS feed. Sigh!

I read something written by someone (on an Orkut Community) that "as a journalist, ignorance can be your greatest virtue". I'm not sure I agree with it. Hail New Media!

It is unnerving that I should take half an hour to sum up this post. But at least, announcing now to my fellow bloggers that 'Hey, I'm back'.

Gone are those days when writing used to be a lot more fun. Thank god for blogging :)
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