Look who's back!

Hee Hee.

Now, if you thought I forgot all about this blog, wrong you were. Might have been selective amnesia, yes. Might have been sheer boredom, yes. Even so, I have decided to get back to my blogger-ship which got me plenty of wonderful friends and readers alike.

I stopped blogging here because of all the zillion things happening in my life. And this blog was a bitter-sweet reminder of all the memories I had stored, some of which I wanted to forget. I started other blogs but couldn't bring myself to write as regularly as I used to write here. So here I am again. Where I began. To continue where I'd left and maybe start anew.

Hello, my dear blog. I've missed you very much.

P.S: You can keep me blog-rolled now. Hee.

P.P.S: And yeah. You can find this shit on "http://snehriti.in" as well. HeeHee.
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