"Auto"-matic Fun :)

Weird title for the post, but couldn't think of a better one. Couldn't think of anything else actually. This is a fun incident that happened today, I hope I can do justice to it.

I was waiting to find an auto at the busy Abids area in Hyderabad, to go to my father's bank at Himayatnagar. It normally takes around Rs 15-18 to travel that distance in an autorickshaw. These days, the autowallahs refuse to go by their meter and always ask for an exhorbitant sum. So today when I enquired about 15 autowallahs, the lowest they agreed to go was for 40 bucks. That was sheer robbery. Some even quoted Rs 60. On telling them to go by meter, they say :
"Madam, mehengai ka zamaana hai, humaare bhi kharche hai" (Madam, its costly these days, we need to meet our expenses too).
But is that an excuse??

Finally after asking another autowallah, I decided to call my cousin brother who lives at Abids, to come and drop me at the bank. Now why didn't I think of it before?? Simple. Just didn't want to trouble him. So, bro came and dropped me off at the bank where papa was waiting in our car with our neighbour, Moti Uncle.

As soon as I got into the car, I said, "These autowallahs...bloody no one was ready to come for less than Rs 40-50. Its so irritating".
To this papa said, "haan aajkal aisa hi ho gaya hai. Bahut demands ho rahi hai autowaalo ki" (Yeah its like that these days, autowaalas demanding a lot).

Moti Uncle always has something to say about everything. So he says, in his typical Hyderabadi accent, "Tu usko bolna tha "Bhaiyya, auto ka rate nahi pooch rahi, mere ko auto nahi khareedne ka hai....bas himayatnagar tak jaane ka hai" "(You should have said "Brother, I am not asking you for the auto's rate. I dont want to purchase your auto, I just want to go till Himayatnagar")

I found it really funny, I mean his witty, sarcastic reply. I hope you found it funny too.


P.S -- I might not have been able to do justice to what he said..very heavy hyderabadi accent, I didnt know how to put it in words here. So just imagine yesteryears actor Mehmood, who used to do the accent. :)

Ads You must watch (If not seen already)

Taking a cue from Alok, who put up his favourite advert in his blog, I am here to put up my favourite advertisement in a long while.

This one is Max New York Life Insurance where the tag line goes "KARO ZYAADA KA IRAADA". Its a beautiful ad, which tells us about how every person wants something someone else has and is never satisfied with what he/she have. And the end of the ad was so amazing. My mom didnt understand this ad and I had to make her understand it 2 times before she finally got it. I think this is one of the wittiest ad I have seen.

Talk about coming full-circle!! :D

My second most favourite ad these days is the Mastercard ad about friends in college and after college, the one with the song PURANI JEANS in its background. Couldn't find it on youtube :( :( If anyone finds it, please link it up. I love that ad so much.

Have fun everyone. :)

Happy Birthday Darling :)

Ahem..I know. Back to blogging after a while now. Just been a little pre-occupied with other stuff and frankly been totally uninspired since I got back :( But life's all good. Hoping to start again here real soon.

Coming to the main event of today, its OCTOBER 17TH and it is my sweetheart's birthday. I am not even going to ask you guys to guess, coz come on, isnt it so obvious?? :P

For those who didnt get the plot yet, its my KIMPAA's birthday today. Big boy turns 29 and sigh he's as handsome as ever :P

Yeah so this year the driver's championship isnt retained by him and frankly too many people are mad at him (I was too, at times but then again, our Kimi is just our Kimi) :). Better luck next year darling, for me you are always the best (biased?? SURE!!!)

SO HERE'S WISHING MY KIMI A VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May many more world titles come to you in the future.


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