Ads You must watch (If not seen already)

Taking a cue from Alok, who put up his favourite advert in his blog, I am here to put up my favourite advertisement in a long while.

This one is Max New York Life Insurance where the tag line goes "KARO ZYAADA KA IRAADA". Its a beautiful ad, which tells us about how every person wants something someone else has and is never satisfied with what he/she have. And the end of the ad was so amazing. My mom didnt understand this ad and I had to make her understand it 2 times before she finally got it. I think this is one of the wittiest ad I have seen.

Talk about coming full-circle!! :D

My second most favourite ad these days is the Mastercard ad about friends in college and after college, the one with the song PURANI JEANS in its background. Couldn't find it on youtube :( :( If anyone finds it, please link it up. I love that ad so much.

Have fun everyone. :)

13 Observations:

  1. Aqua gurl said...:

    hadnt seen this one before....good one though:)

  1. hhehe,...this is nice ad ..hmmm..posts on ads...huh!...comon ..wer is the smriti i am waiting to see her bac :)..


  1. Solitaire said...:

    Haha!! It is really a good one!

  1. ColoredChica said...:

    Hey..first time around here. :) I love the ad of Max life insurance..not just the whole concept, but the song too.. Kinda reminds me of Kishore da. :)

  1. Priya Joyce said...:

    hey i just luv the add very much and specially tha long haired guy..he's too

    ant the music is too gud..

    hey I too like tat add
    btw i like the add of coke..bula rahi hai life..paas jaake dekho.i luv it.

  1. k.ø.c.h.ü said...:

    Ahem...yeah it's true that i've been out busy 4 a while...but that ain't an excuse 2 drive me off "smrithis"...i'm still breathin...

  1. --xh-- said...:

    :-) both are nice ads... I love the union back ad also - the one where the elephant comes and plays football with kids...

  1. SMRITI said...:

    @Aqua -- Yeah its pretty cool :)

    @Hemanth -- Will get back to "active blogging" pretty soon :)

    @Solitaire -- Yep. :)

    @Coloredchica -- Thanks for dropping by :) Yeah the first time I heard it, gave me a similar feel. :)

    @PJ -- I like boy curly too :P and havnt seen the coca cola ad.

    @Kochu -- Welcome back. Hugs >:D<

    @Anoop -- Yeah that's a good one too, some pretty cool ads HAVE come up that make u wanna NOT switch channels for a change.

  1. k.ø.c.h.ü said...:

    Just hugs ha... Grrr...should i lay a red carpet 4 u 2 visit ma blog? Grr.

  1. Haan bhuat sare naye aur aache ads abhi market ki duad mein samil hein.

    BTW, your new template looks beautiful... school days are back again :)

  1. Karthik said...:

    Its really a good one.. Especially the reactions of the bald man!! It ends to where it started! Even my mom dint understand it!!!

  1. Reflections said...:

    Smriti...I came to ur site through ur comment around 3-4 days back & commented twice on different pages....if I remember correctly one comment was on ur books page & one on ur 'ribbons' page[where u make cards]. I cant find both those pages today:-o.
    I'm wondering now whether I commented on somebody else's page but I'm pretty sure that I clicked ur name on my commentophobia post & went there.

  1. Reflections said...:

    I got sidetracked & forgot to write what I came here for...

    Come & collect a small token of appreciation:-D

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