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Well lots to write about, so lets get started shall we??

As many of you are aware I had the entrance test for Asian College of Journalism this sunday. It consisted of two parts - English and General Knowledge. After the initial preparation, I was tensed about how well I'd do in the English paper. For some reason, I was relatively confident about my General awareness. And lo... over confidence struck again. Keeping in mind the pattern of the MASCOM entrance (which had multiple choice bits), I thought Asian's test would be on the same lines and should be relatively easier. Hell No!! There were no multiple choices, and the questions... well lets see how many of you can answer these without googling.

1. Who is the newly elected President of South Africa?
2. Who is the Prime Minister of Thailand?
3. Who got elected as the President of Zimbabwe on a power sharing basis with Robert Mugabe?


What the......?? I didn't know whether I should laugh at cry at myself. Left it all to fate now, so the coming few weeks should seal my future. Further comparing these exams, I had gone to appear for the MASCOM entrance in Chennai as they didnt have a centre in Hyderabad. The ACJ entrance was at THE HINDU office in Hyderabad. The initial reaction of everyone when I spoke to about ACJ being my first choice, was  "Oh Chennai is a horrible city and people are so aloof and unfriendly...Dont go there...Go to Bangalore". Huh?? No one was talking at the THE HINDU office before or after ACJ entrance, while I met some really super cool people at the MASCOM entrance. I liked Chennai better I say. The wait is on for results of these exams, which should be out in a week or two. Lets see how it goes. 

Secondly, what wrong with people? Why should there be a shutdown of entire Punjab because there was a shoot out in Vienna of all places?? I know it was a gurudwara and a major religious leader there was shot dead. What is the point of burning trains, vandalizing shops, looting here?? Is it making any sort of difference? Mom said last night that "There are loads of people to ignite hatred on religious lines, and people listen to them. No one listens to the one who wants to find an end with peaceful means". Right on I say. Lets see what develops further.

Thirdly, I was proudly announcing to every Tina, Dimpy and Mary who'd listen that "We dont have any power cuts in our area...this summer has been reeeeaaaalllly good!!" Haah!!! Ever since that, I seem to have cursed myself. One of these days there was a power cut from evening six to morning 8 owing to rains. And not to mention the frequent power cuts, all day, ranging anywhere from 5 to 50 mins more than 3 times a day. 
The Worst part of it all was, I had decided I'd follow IPL only if the Chargers made it to the Semis. I was looking forward to spend some quality time with Papa and enjoy the Finals match with him, coz when its cricket....and the slam bang cricket at that.... Papa is as excited as a kid who's won a jackpot of video games. I absolutely love those times.  And thanks to 1mm rain, there was no power and we missed over 3 to 16. Papa had gone back to sleep and  I saw the match all by myself. It was fun, but not the same. He woke up and came to watch the closing ceremony I guess.

Ok now I must end things here. Hope everyone is doing great. And yes, if someone can please please please advice me on what to do about the billion lizards in my house, I'd be your blog slave for life... :P  HELP!!!

P.S. I'm still reading Shashi Tharoor...seriously want to chuck it, but then.... :|

13 Observations:

  1. hehehhhhe

    who is gonna be the journalist me or u ????:P

    so u should know the answers or u may have to join India tv news channel :P


  1. and chhipkali bhagaane ka I don;t any trick ..but I too was a deccan charger suuporter....coz I am die hard Gilchrist fan

  1. Anonymous said...:

    m piling things to talk and rant about !! wonder wen i will write a loooonog post of them .. neway just curiousif u ever visited my oter blog :

    BTW, my GK is super dull i declare hereby !

  1. abhishek said...:

    DC won!! yay...even I was supporting them.

    Try hanging egg shells on walls...I think it scares away the lizards.

    better idea...boil kar ke kha lo!! :D

  1. Ashish Surana said...:

    Stay awake all night and scare away the lizards :) ...they dont move out in days to you can sleep then.. :)

    when are your results coming :P

  1. Anonymous said...:

    koi to patrakar banegi. wow. day u d be top notch journo, i wud grab a party from you :P

    take that....

    this sunday u write an exam, i attend AR Rehman concert..yipppieeee...

    did u watch the ipl final this sunday ? the answer to 1st question was there. the 4 wife prez of SA who said shah rukh khhhhhan....hahaha

    answer to 2nd question is some foo woo hooo doo hi ki......


    chennai jaing to pani rakhing. its very humid and hot. all the best exam crack kar dio with highest of highest marks....

    power cuts to har congress ruled state me hote hain, useless govts.

    we are biggest intolerants. kahi bides me kuch hota hai, nuksan india ka hota hai. whats logic behind vandalism in Punjab. there are diff ways to express anger and anguish on the happening in Vienna

    and yeah gilli helped Dhakkan Rechargers win the IPL.

    u shud give us the party....wot say readers....

    wooo hooo

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i wrote abt rats and u wrote abt lizzies. Yuck...lizzies are worst ever possible creatures. just bump them down with a shoe or a jhadu. it works!!

  1. Amal Bose said...:

    regarding the incident in punjab, I dont know why people would things like this.. n i absolutely agree with your mom.

  1. :P....i dont know the answers at all :P...power cut pls dont talk abt it...its super cool in vizaG when the power is not there :P....lizzies :P...i hate them....dc fan :P...well then won it at last :)...


  1. Anonymous said...:

    First of all, what is the job description of a Blog Slave???

    And haven't these examiners heard of google? The answer to every question is google. Why do they even ask such questions? What difference does it make if we know it or not.

    Or they are preparing you for doomsday when there'll be no computers, no power, no internet, nothing...

  1. Shalom said...:

    Ok lots of points to cover: good luck with your results & admissions, totally agree with you on the Punjab issue, sympathies on the power cuts & now the most important thing: lizards!!!

    One remedy is to keep eggshells on top of cupboards & places like that. Some people say that works. But what we've found to be really effective is this: salt & cloves!!! Our house in India is locked up & on the first visit back, there were a LOT of lizards (a problem we had even when we lived there coz of all the greenery around).

    Then someone told us about the salt & clove thing & before locking up the house again, we put cloves all over the place - windowsills, corners, floor, cabinets, cupboards etc; also sprinkled salt on the floor. On the second visit, the place was lizard-free!

    Obviously you can't have salty floors, but just try keeping a few cloves at the entry points of your house: windows, doorways etc. You can keep them in cupboards also coz one thing that freaks me out bigtime is the thought of lizards among my clothes :(

  1. koi na...itni GK kisi ko nahin aati hogi....GK section mein cut-off single digits mein hogi am sure..
    i hate spiders MUCH MUCH MUCH more than lizzards...spider dekh kar mera mini-heart attack ho jaata hai hamesha :(((((

  1. Renu said...:

    About that Gurudwara incident..I also thought why destroy ur own country for some crime anywhere?

    So Chennai is better....I am smiling as I am presently in Chennai:)

    For Lizzards...I also get repulsed by them, to get rid, its better to call those pest control people and then dont ever keep ur woindoes and door open. I have got all the wiremesh fitted everywhere.

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