This is what has been happening..

Yeah I know I've been away for quite sometime now. Ready to give my explanations and excuses :P :P You ready to hear them??

Firstly, as some of you who have been in touch with me via Facebook or mails or Gtalk, know about the current event in my life. For those who didn't know, I decided to come clean and tell my parents that I am in love with someone, he makes me extremely happy and he is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. His name is Snehal Kumar Patel and he is from Ahmedabad. I fidgeted for hours sitting next to my father before finally breaking the news to him...and in this fashion:

"Errr...ummm....Papaaaaa....Mujhe ek ladka pasand hai....." :P :P Looking back, I cant believe that's how I started introducing my Mr Right to my father. I was worried he might say something, but his reaction was pleasant, unexpected and quite contrary to what I had been imagining thus far. He had a wonderful smile on his face and within 10 mins he had concocted the details of when the engagement will be, and the wedding and other details. I had to put the breaks on his thinking process and remind him that I need to finish my studies this year and then we can plan it accordingly. And I need to meet his parents too...which will happen by the end of this month.

The only reason I was telling my parents about Snehal before I started college was the fact that my parents have always encouraged me to come out clean and tell them everything and anything under the sun that pertains to me and my life. I didnt want to keep them in dark and let them know after a year or so. It is never too soon or too late, as I found that out.

My mother's reaction....well she is still trying to digest this peice of information. She always knew that some day I would come and tell her about someone I liked. But when the day arrived, she is having that motherly difficulties and realisation that her daughter is slipping away from her (that is how she put it).

Snehal was here in Hyderabad from 5th to 7th of June. He met my parents, sister, my cousin brother and aunt. Everyone loved him.... he has become Mr Popular in his own sense here with my family members. I'm glad they appreciate him as the person he is and they could see exactly why I admire, love and respect him :) :)

Ok I must stop this mushiness now.... I can be at it all day. ;)

The other major event has been Entrance exams for various Journalism colleges. I'm down to either Manorama School of Communication or Asian College of Journalism. Either way, I am getting out of Hyderabad within a month's time...phew!!!

Asian College had a panel interview....7 people "sweetly grilled" me on my application on 11th of June. It was a rather adventurous day, one of those days where I survived only on Coffee...I didnt think I was capable of doing that up until that day :P

More on the Asian College interview out for this space. I'm hungry right now... Leaving you guys with this pic of "Me and Mr Patel" :) :) (Chashmish log) :P

Cheers everyone :)

19 Observations:

  1. arre waah do do cutie pies....kool kool
    and and entrance bhi clear
    gharwalo se tnesion ki mukti

    yaar teri toh nikal padi
    chal ab party de....

    waise dono chashmish sachi muchi cute lag rahe ho :P

    aur tu inni daant kiun chupa rahi hai...peele hai kya ???
    brush nhi karti :P ????



    congrates babes.... :) bhagwan tereko humesha khush rakhe


  1. and kitne dino baad wapas se fst comment :P

  1. aajkal bahut vella hoon :P

    koi dost wost bane journalism mein toh mere se intro karana..mujhe journalist ladkiyan vaddi hot lagti hai :P

    tu bhi hai par yaar tu committed hai toh apne bf se hi khush reh :P

  1. Anonymous said...:

    thts awesomeeeeeeeeeee


    i am really really happy for u..wishing u n Snehal manyyy more yrs of togetherness n joy

  1. k.ø.c.h.ü said...:

    oh! v hav dearest of de dearest of de most adorable SMRITI dolzzz gettin commited..!!! oh poor Patel..he he...lucky guy though(phewww...he he) 4 havin unlocked this sweet 'heart'...

    congrtz dear...!!!
    n hey ive been surfin de net after donkeys years..n dis is de first thing i was checkin !!! gr888888..

    butttt grrrr my examz screwin me...!!!

    Say my 'HI' 2 him dear..!!!!!!
    slappinnnnnnn n kickinnnnnnn wooooshhhhh

  1. i read this all somewhere i gues i forgot and read it again ....congrats ya..and snehal if u seeing this take good care of her :)..


  1. Shalom said...:

    Congratulations!!!!!! So big changes coming your way academically & personally....all the very best to you Smriti :D

  1. Snehal said...:

    @Hemant Potluri

    Yep buddy, I will forever take the best care of her...have a nice weekend ahead... :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    finally !!! so good to see your Mr Patel n u together in this space !! missed ya !!

    ps: i have merged all my blogs and the new adress is -

    do keep in touch !! :D

  1. oye hoye....congratssssss be :)
    great news :D

  1. Priya Joyce said...: sweetly u've put that :P:P

    mera mann toh baar baar padhne ka kar ra hei ;) i mean how nice ur dad's reaction was and ur mum :P:P lolz..beti toh ab kisi aur ki ho gayi ;)

    well mujhe pata tha ;) lolz..
    :P so chasmish..and chashmish :p u rokk :):)

    congozz :)

  1. Amal Bose said...:

    congrats smriti..
    n uve got really cool parents i shd say.. lucky u :-)
    well.. best of luck for the future

  1. Anonymous said...:

    oji wah ji :)

    vadde sone dikh rahe ho dono chashmish :)

    its very good u broke the news to ur folks and they received it with great flair.

    to ji tussi ab gujju ben hone wale ho :)

    good going. god bless and all de best

  1. MultiMenon said...:

    Ohhhhh myyy godddd!!!!! :) that is just awesome..Hats off for ur frankness,and straight forward approach.. *applause

    Mr.Snehal,you are a very lucky man,such a charming gal u've got.. :)



  1. @snehal

    :P...dont eat another H in my name :P..heheh...yeah u to have a nice weekend i will catch u on gmail :)..

    and yeah me to chashmish :P..


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hey girl, Congratulations!!! Dono chashmish and uski t-shirt pe bhi chashme :P he he

    Jokes apart, you two make a cute couple.

    Hope love lasts forever.


    When and where is the party?

  1. swati said...:

    heyyyy finally i got u :) n look wat a perfct time to land...:)
    wish u both lotz of happiness togthr dear :) im all smiley smiley now :)
    may God bless ya both :)
    luv ya!!!!
    Take care..n all the best fr ur career n love life :)

  1. D@r$hi said...:

    congradulation girl..u look damn nice together..:)
    wish u lods of happiness..

  1. Devika said...:

    hi there! read that you've cleared the asian college entrance. I'll be applying to ACJ next year. So it would be of great help if you could share how you prepared for the entrance..considering that im a science student, i guess i'll have to work doubly hard. So could u plz tell me how u prepared, other than of course poring over the newspaper..esp the writing section..

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