Travel WITHOUT motion

I don't travel, yet I do.

My mind is a wanderlust. So is yours. It travels to places I can't go at the present. But it brings with it, the hope and promise of a day to come, a day I can give my life for. It explores my fantasies, my hopes, my fears. Takes me on the paths yet unexplored, yet egging me on everyday to make these travels a reality.

It helps me live the life which I dont physically, nor spiritually think myself capable of leading. It gives me the hope and confidence, when those tend to drift away from me. It brings out the true essence of me, the other me, the real me.

In a life demanding you to be multi-faceted; sometimes a clown, sometimes a diplomat, sometimes opinionated, sometimes biased, behind the helps the keep the spirit of ME. In my mind, I am the real me, which no one sees, which no one wants to see or rather as I say as a brute, which no-one is capable of seeing.

I confront my fears in the easiest of ways, I find simplest of solutions to my problems, I find everything I ever wanted..In my mind. I am content and Happy with what I have. I am the real me.

It helps me see that material things aren't important. It shows me a life, larger and meaningful than I ever thought it to be. It makes me believe that I can see beauty in everything I want to see. As long as I stay the real me.

This is to you, my spirit, my mind, my soul. You make me feel bigger than I ever thought I can be. And with you, I can rest be assured that, I will continue to Travel sans motion...for an eternity.

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  1. Alok said...:

    Beautiful...Cheers to Your spirit.

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