Everyone is talking about the NEW YEAR RESOLUTION or NEW YEAR PLANS these days. Gosh!! We need an excuse for everything. Well, as for me, I used to have New Year resolutions until a couple of years ago. I ALWAYS broke them, so I figured out that no point in keeping those. They aren't meant for me.

However, THIS YEAR.. I have a WISH. Finally. Everyone asked me what I wish for in the New Year. Never really wish for anything. This year, I have wished... and I WILL MAKE THE WISH COME go to the first ever Singapore Grand Prix in September. Knowing my love for Formula One, my parents have already consented and starting this New Year, I will start saving for the event. So, remember. Don't expect me to throw parties. And I hope you'll understand why I am acting like a Cheapskate in 2008. YOU KNOW WHY!! :)

And there was this one more thing I heard a lot, associated with New Year. Some sort of superstition that whatever you are doing at the stroke of midnight in a New Year, that's what you'll be doing throughout the year. Even though I am not superstitious, just for fun, I'll be blogging at that time. And I hope that's what I continue to do throughout the year.

One request. Will someone please read my blogs on New Year midnight?? So that I have the guarantee of ONE NEW VISITOR/READER of my blog everyday for the coming year. :)

I'm pretty exhausted with my blogging now. Catch you all later tonight. Have fun!!

2 Observations:

  1. Diva said...:

    u can count on me ;)...dont u kno tht!!!

  1. pavan srivastava said...:

    good points made :) ... and also hope the wish comes true :)

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