Welcome 2008!!!

Happy New Year to all. May 2008 give you at least 2007+1 reasons to cheer about.

So, as promised, I'm here blogging at midnight. I thought I'll start blogging right away, but that doesn't seem to be happening right now. My sister is sleeping next to me and I am going as soft on the keyboards as I can.

I had imagined that I will blog on things I want to do this coming year..(not a compulsion). I think I'll delay those for my up-coming blogs. The first thing, very unexpected, that I did as I logged on was send across a message on Orkut and Facebook.

I hate typing so slow... No fun in writing this way either... :(

So I guess I will catch up on this tomo morning..till then..take good care and keep smiling.


1 Observations:

  1. i writer, and an F1 fan good for u well keeping new year resolutions are hard and if u get thru half the year with posts then u should be proud. any way seeing ure impressive list of blogs im sure ure really really busy
    any way good to see u around

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