Funding a DREAM!!!

Namaste Everyone!! :)

Don't get too perky now.. I'm just trying something new to catch your attention. I figured out my blogs reach out to barely ten people around the world and I need to keep experimenting to generating interest. So let's see where this takes us.

Yes, of course I remember I was supposed to write ONE BLOG A DAY this year. Well, technically speaking, I wrote one at midnight of this New Year so that accounts for 1st and I am writing one now so that has taken care of the 3rd. TECHNICALLY, I just missed out on 2nd, which I AM PRETTY SURE I am excused for. I will be blogging two entries today to make up for the missed one. And Hence forth, I shall be officially be labelled as the Goddess of Excuses.. I'm good at them, aren't I???

So what will it be today??? What's my main purpose for blogging today?? What do I have to send across to you guys today?? Frankly speaking, I was itching to write about the NEW YEAR'S PARTY INCIDENT IN MUMBAI... was seething with rage when I heard that story. Of course that'll follow in the next blog. This blog is for a whole new purpose.

I switched on to watch the daily news (which IF YOU DON'T KNOW, I watch three times a day at least..Morning, Evening and then the 9 or 10 O clock news, whichever suitable for the time being). There was this really interesting story which caught my attention and I wanted to try and be a part of it.

ANKUR SHARMA, a 25-Year Old Engineer from Delhi and a blogger, is trying to generate enough funds through his blog viewership, as he wants to pursue his MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics. Now, Economics being my favourite subject, the mere mention of London School of Economics was enough to grab my attention.

This guy has to start his course by July 2008 and knowing how expensive education is in the United Kingdom, and more so in an institution like LSE, proper funding is critical. I've gone through his Short stories and they make an interesting least more interesting than my ramblings. He needs at least 5,000,000 visitors on his blog in six months. Tough ask, but we can give it a try right???

I just want to do my bit and help this guy to pursue his dream and be a part of the process. Just a small request to you all. If you ARE reading my blogs, please take a little time out and visit his Blog. Trust me, you won't be wasting your time here as in those pathetic chain letters that you recieve.

Here is his link

Do visit. Make a difference. Help make a dream.

Enough from me for now,
Over to my next blog....

Here it comes... FULL BLAST!!!

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