Protecting an Heir...

I was randomly looking at the YAHOO NEWS portal (which I sometimes do while logging in and out of my Yahoo Mailbox) and I found this story about Bilawal Bhutto Zardari returning to Oxford. The 19-year old lad has returned to complete his studies after his mother's untimely death and is constantly in public glare. Media hounding him, the police protecting him, an obvious threat from extremists.... gosh, what kind of life is that??

So, as I was reading the article, something disturbed me.

While the college has reassured students they have no reason to suspect a "direct threat" to Bilawal, some in Oxford have already expressed concerns that his presence could threaten the safety of others.
"Go home, you endanger us all here in Oxford by being here," one person wrote on the website of the local Oxford Mail newspaper, while another was also hostile to the idea that British taxpayers would pay for his security.
"Idiots from HIS country want to kill HIM but I bet the British taxpayer is footing the bill for HIS security," another added.
"Go home now and take the dangers you pose to others with you."

Well, I was just thinking, why are we so insensitive?? Not everyone though. But what do the above statements demonstrate?? He is all of 19, has been given such a huge responsibility and is living everyday in the shadow of death... with dignity. He wants to finish his education, so why should ANYONE have a problem with it??

He sure CANNOT live his life normally. His lineage wouldn't have left him for even a bit, no matter how hard he tried. But don't you empathise with this boy?? Sure, I don't know about Benazir Bhutto. For me all politicians are more or less the same. But I had respect for this woman when she decided to come back to her country. That required a lot of courage. Her son is required to fill up her shoes and he has boldly taken it upon himself.

Seriously... why do we have to be so insensitive?? The least we can do is to show support to this boy. He wants to get on with his life and prepare himself for a treacherous life later on. Its not about HIS country or HIS people. He is a citizen of this planet...this universe. He is made of the same flesh and blood like you and me. Its just that he was born on a different land mass and to a woman who made herself distinct with her deeds, noble or otherwise. He is a fellow human being and his right to live is as important as your and mine.

He isn't just ANY student. He is a human who was born for a purpose, defined as soon as he was born. His mother laid her life for something she believed in. This guy is a shimmering light of hope to millions of humans in the land of his birth. Man... I still don't get it, why are we so insensitive??

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