TITANIC craze.....sinking with time..

Okay. More of ME stuff. There's nothing bad about writing about yourself, as long as you have readership... at least that's what I think. Don't know about you.

So next up on THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME is my craze for TITANIC, the movie... to some extent the actual ship. My best girl pal, Divya (aka Diva), will vouch for this fact that I used to be crazy about this movie.

I might not be far fetched in making a statement such as this, and I haven't actually kept a count. But I can safely say that I have watched this movie at least 50 times. The number may be much higher.

This is the only movie I saw in theatre as many times I did... SEVEN.

The VCD of this movie was the first one I EVER purchased, year 2001 ...for Rs. 799 (to think of it, almost a year and a half later, it came down to Rs.299)

I can recite almost all the dialogues from the movie. I can go along with the english one, as well as keep reciting the english dialogues while watching the Hindi dubbed versions...much to my mom's annoyance.

I used to say MY HEART WILL GO ON is my favourite song and Celine Dion is my favourite singer, for a real long time, even though that wasn't true...all because I was so much in awe of the movie.

Well, with changing times, I finally got sensible... :) Although this isn't my favourite movie any longer (for those who didn't know my favourite movie is Philadephia), it remained at the top of my list for a really long time. All the work and research on getting the facts right, just blew me away. And it has some really fond, yet sometimes silly memories attatced to it.

Diva and my sister Jolly, I want to say sorry for annoying you guys by saying along the dialogues, as we watched the movie together all those times. YES I WAS TRYING TO SHOW OFF. And Diva, I quite enjoyed your expression back them... just plain gaping and going "oh my god!!"... some fun times we had. :)

It'll soon be 10 years since I first watched the movie. It'll be 7 years since I got the VCD. I did full "paisa-vasool" on it, I swear. Haven't watched it in over a year and a half. I asked myself 5 years ago, "Will I ever get bored watching this movie??". I think I am finally, getting over it and all the previous thrills of watching it just don't exist anymore. I think finally, my TITANIC PHASE has reached its saturation point.

But just, for the record, I remember watching it for the first time in April 1998. So this April, just to re-live the old days, I hope I can find some time to sit down and watch the movie again. And see how much I can SHOW OFF with the dialogues... :P ...

Will update on this one... :) Till then...peace!!

1 Observations:

  1. Diva said...:

    Okay.. so here comes the 'Oh my God' from me ONCE AGAIN.... :P
    I was actually watchin Titanic in Hindi yesterday on Max and was sub-consciously reciting the dialogues in English myself!! :O
    Obviously, The Smriti effect!!!!
    Cos I watched this movie with her like a zillion times,...
    I loved the movie of course, But DAMN...no one can beat Deeds at this one...NOT EVEN JAMES CAMERON HIMSELF!!!!
    She's not jst crazy but REALLY CRAZY about it!!
    This movie also holds a special place for our friendship :)
    We had become close frens just about when the movie released and we hav watched it together quite a few times...and spoke abt it like a million times!!
    I m sure we will watch the movie together AGAIN some day... n trust me Deeds, we will not get bored... WE WILL RECITE THE DIALOGUES TOGETHER that time :)

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