First day at Office...

Though, UNOFFICIALLY I have already worked at a Chartered Accountant's firm (for NO PAY), today was my first official work day... 16th January 2008... I'll remember it forever, no matter what.

I joined Standard Chartered Bank in the Credits department. Its a financial institution of international repute and my father was very happy that FINALLY my life is getting back on track. After all, I wasted nearly a year and a half after graduation... doing absolutely nothing.

About my office... The Atmosphere is awesome. My colleagues, real sweet and helpful. My bosses, very funny. My Office... THE BEST PLACE TO BEGIN!!! It feels like it was all worth the wait. I'm still learning. My colleagues have so much patience with me. I am probably the youngest employee there and people from every other department kept coming in and askin me, "Hey... your first day here... ". Trying to be friendly. It was amazing.

I thought I'd be a nervous wreak on my first day. I was amazed at my own self.. I never thought I could be this calm. Anyways, early days. Still a lot to learn. A lot of ladders to climb.

At least I know my first step was good. I have to walk many more baby steps... I might stumble and fall, but if I still manage to get up and walk with my head high, I'll be more than happy.

I'm finally beginning a new life and everyone I love has shown their support. My brothers called up as soon as my office was done, to ask how my first day went. Aunts called. Friends called. Everyone is excited for me. And I just want to do well for them... make them and myself proud.

I wanna keep writing more... but I'm tired from all the excitement and I'm feeling hungry. Gotta wake up early and take d next step. So watch out for this space for more... :)

Thank you all, so very much!!! PEACE!!!

2 Observations:

  1. hey thats real nice......everybody's gotta start some where and dont feel bad about the time u took off. u can always recover it when ever u want. remember wht einstien said time's relative :P any way have fun and best of luck for ure future

  1. --xh-- said...:

    congratz on landing on a job :-D u hv sure landed up in a good place.. take care and have fun :-D

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