Happy Birthday Dear Friend...

Well, his birthday was on the 3rd of January i.e. yesterday. Who??? My Best Friend Prashant.

He has been my closest friend since the sixth grade and what we share is something pretty awesome. Had our usual ups and downs, like in any friendship.... but those moments are always hazy. I CANNOT recall any moment for which I have ever been upset at him.

I always tell him that it was destined that we met. Though not a believer in destiny, I just cannot rule out some facts that are so unexplained, they just baffle me.

Its tricky...to explain what we have. From the moment I first spoke to him, I knew that there was something special here. He was very poised and composed even as a 12 year old. They speak of an unspoken bondage... it is eerie, the number of times that I've recieved a call from him out of nowhere, when I was feeling terribly low. Even if I haven't spoken to him for days together, his call would come at the exact moment that I need to talk to a friend.

Not to mention that he is THE MOST POSITIVE person I've met in my life. Takes everything with a pinch of salt. He has been my support in more ways than I can explain. Remembers tiniest of details about our childhood together. ALWAYS is one call away, no matter what.

If I am thankful in life for anything, it is for the chance of having someone like him in my life. I have an enormous amount of respect for him. For all the things he's ever said... and all the things he said without actually saying anything. I guess we are past that stage where we need language to express ourselves.

To think of it, we never needed a language... from the very first moment. He started out as my first crush and now is my best friend... I am certain, for LIFE.

Thank you for Everything, Prash!!


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