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Looks like you guys (the ones reading my blog.. OBVIOUSLY) aren't gonna hear the end of my dedicated blogs for quite a while now. So, here's an important addition to my list. And I would also like to take my opportunity and apologise for being so lazy, and dedicating the blogs the next day after the "dedicated's" birthday. Here comes one more...

Aparna a.k.a Appu, big sister. I'm supposed to call her Appu didi, but I ALWAYS found it hard to call her that. Neither was she ever comfortable being referred to as so. Appu is my eldest cousin sister from my father's side. She,her bro Richie and her parents, Sari bua and Reggie fufa have lived in various parts of the country over a quarter of a decade. So Appu's visits to Hyderabad were very scattered and not so often, at least that's what I remember of us as kids.

In Hyderabad, I lived in a large joint family (as explained in earlier blogs) and the boys outnumbered the girls. Nine boys to four girls. Naturally, all the sisters were a pampered lot. I thought, back then, that I was the "most loved" of us all. All that seemed to change, whenever Appu came home. She commanded the attention of all the brothers, and I guess that's when I was first introduced to the seeds of jealousy.

I still remember all the nasty things I did, to torment Appu. No need for me to explain those in detail. I think Appu remembers those too, so lets keep those between us. As a kid, I always thought me and Appu could NEVER get along. I thought we'll fight like the Hindi Soap queens that we see in the Television these days. I have no shame in saying that, I was a total jerk then and Appu NEVER said anything to me. Of course, I was given a dose of my own medicine when I went to her place in Aurangabad once (she wasn't there... I guess she was studying some place else). Richie, her bro, behaved in the same way that I behaved with her. That's the first time I felt what she must've been feeling. I felt ashamed of my behaviour and vowed to change, to eradicate the monster of jealousy.

Years passed, we started getting along fine. She started on her hotel management course, her visits to Hyderabad became frequent. That's when I had the chance to know Appu, the person rather than Appu, my sister. On one occassion, about five years ago, me and Appu went to spend the night at my maternal grandmother's place.

We just laid there and spoke for hours together. We spoke of our childhood together, about how she felt back then. I remember taking the chance and apologising for the first time, for the way I had behaved with her as kids. We shared some good memories, some bad.... and I thought that was when we really spoke heart-to-heart for the first time.

Appu landed a job, her visits became less frequent again. But I looked forward to her coming everytime, so did my parents. My mom and dad totally adore her. Then she went to Singapore a few years ago, for further studies.

We stayed in touch, thanks to the internet, and kept ourselves updated of the events taking place in our life. I came to know that she has found her soulmate, and now she'd be getting married pretty soon.

Her parents, my parents met Kalyan's(read soulmate :P) family. And it was decided that they'll become Man and wife in the last week of April 2008, date yet to be announced. The feeling is yet to sink in for all of us, as we are starting to plan out the wedding. Gosh I'm so excited!!!

Appu's dad is at our place as I write this blog. This morning, we sat down and decided who's gonna do what. He told me how he liked things organised (which I know of already :P). We were counting how many people would DEFINITELY attend the wedding, how he proposed the other arrangements be made, the arrangements regarding gifts and shopping...EVERYTHING. We are running out of time.

We said the feeling isn't yet sinking in as both the bride and groom are in Singapore and we might probably not get to see them two-three days before the wedding. But I guess, all of us are geared up to make the wedding a grand success. All of us feel really happy about it. ABOVE ALL, Appu is the one who's happiest and that's what all of us here want for her.

Now to talk a little more about the groom. Kalyan. Boy Genius... :P Well, I'd say he's one of the nicest person I've met and I think is totally PERFECT for Appu. Appu is a very warm hearted person, she's the most beautiful person I know, inside out. I'm not saying this cos she's my sister. And Kalyan is equally nice as her. We've met him just once but everyone gave him a BIG THUMBS UP. Okay Kalyan, I'm not gonna write in more about you. YOU'RE TERRIFIC.... :) That should sum it all.

In the end, to conclude, I just want to say that you guys are just the perfect couple and I'm wishing you all the luck in life ahead. I can't wait for April now.... gonna do full DHAMAAL :P

And Appu, thanks for being such a wonderful sister. And a wonderful human being. Love you loads!!! ;)


P.S. You guys... I'm coming there in September to eat your head. Kalyan, I hope my table is ready :P

P.P.S. I had finished writing this blog two days ago. I wanted to put up a pic of Appu that I had until a few days ago. I had kept it for safe-keeping...looks like I was extra careful with it and now can't seem to locate where I hid it :(( Will put it up once I get it...the photo-hunt is ON... :P I hope u guys din't mind me stealing this pic ;)

2 Observations:

  1. --xh-- said...:

    wow, a nice memory log :) all teh best to appu nad kalyan :) u sure know how to pour ur heart out :)

  1. Diva said...:

    Well, sisters are always special...the sharing, the caring, the jealousy,...the joys and pains as u grow up.... :)
    And the maturity that sinks into a relationship like this with time is amazingly pure and lovely...
    Espeically being the younger loved one is heavenly... ;)
    May you and Appu have greater times together ahead... hav lots of fun!!!
    and I am so glad that Appu is gettin married...with the best guy she cud get(as Smriti has said)!!
    its been so long since i met her,...Appu, u rock... keep rocking and have fun!!Hope to see u soon..

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