Diva, I know without even reading the blog, you know what I'm gonna write. This is dedicated to you and our friendship. ;)
  • PRESENTING== Smriti Srivastava and Divya Nawale in THE BREATHLESS GIRLS
  • I know all of you've heard of the song BREATHELESS by Shankar Mahadevan. It was a huge rage and at that age, we'd never heard anything like it. So, it all began for me and Diva. We practised on our own, not really practised coz we loved the song so much that the constant singing made us sort of "EXPERTS" if u may call us so.
  • On one of the numerous bus trips from school, me and Diva discovered each other's talent for the song. And then we were a team... THE BREATHLESS GIRLS. At the time the song came out, we never let an opportunity pass us by. EVERYTIME we took the school bus to ANY location together, we sang it. We loved singing it. We had so so so so much fun. I can still recall the excitement and the glow on Diva's face when she sang it. It was oh so special.
  • That was also the first time I knew that Diva was not so dumb (read bholi bhaali) after all. On one of the trips, my eternal school crush Ramakrishna Deshpande was with us. We were all going to some school far off (I bet Diva remembers the name... I was just too excited going into an inter school competition and spending time with my best friend and biggest crush... who cares what school it was). And we sang the song as usual, this time Ramakrishna joined us (he sang it well too... I'm not blushing...REALLY!!). I had never told Diva about my crush on Ramakrishna till then and later when I confessed, she said she'd found that out in the way I was singing around him. Till then, I didn't think Diva even knew the meaning of a crush... she was so bholi. Yeah she was simple, no denying that.
  • BREATHELESS GIRLS.... yeah we were that. I haven't tried singing the song in a long time. I don't even know if I can. But I've heard Diva sing it a few years ago...and singing it just the same. Diva has changed a lot for the better. She is street-smart and knows the ways of the world now. Underneathe it all, she's still got the same super-bhola heart.... at least for the ones she loves.
  • YES... We fight. A lot of times, always have. But our friendship was built on some real solid ground and no matter what we say or do to each other... we may leave each other speechless... But in the end, we'd do something real special for one another and make each other BREATHELESS.
Love You Diva!!!

6 Observations:

  1. Nik said...:

    Good one!!! Le's wish that ur friendship remains intact for ever. Here's to the Breathless girls.

  1. Diva said...:

    Now THAT, left me Breathless :D

    One thing I really wonder abt me n deeds is tht fact that we nevr seem to run out of topics... :P
    It once so happnd that I spent the entire afternoon at Smriti's home just talking,came back late in the evening..Called her up n spoke for an hour or so again :P . And at the end of it, we will still not Breathless :P
    We surely are the breathless girls arnt we??? ;)
    and yeah, any news of that ramakrishna guy????i wonder if he is on orkut :P ;)

  1. @ DIVA
    Abbey oye Diva... Ramakrishna is history... u knw that as well. :D

    Yeah.. we sure are some sweet wierdos aren't we?? :P Our poor mothers...never tire from shouting at us.

    So no more of the same old routine one hour schedules.... coz we do 2 NOW :D...

    Love you!!

    Thanks a zillion for ur comment.. :)

  1. friends are the spice of life, i know its cliched. but you know what my friends are the reason i've got to where i am today. so cheers to friendship and cheers to friends

  1. Kapil Rasogi said...:

    Kudos to Frenz and Frenzship....

    Lovely to know that girls have such good bond... aren't you guys supposed to bicker for no reason?? hahaha

    Cheers to you guys!!!

  1. Alok said...:

    So many times I am amazed with this relationship in the life called ‘friendship’… which has always such a great impact on us, when it comes to the way we move on with this life. As the time pass by us; we see life growing every day with a new meaning of this friendship. It is one of those blessings that we receive from a friend that you can afford to be a stupid & fool with them :)

    And that’s where I say its not just about the good times or celebrating those cherished moments but also it’s the time when you want them when the whole world looks no better then a strange place; I see there people say … the true friendship is when the silence between two persons is comfortably accepted.

    Hats off to ‘THE BREATHLESS GIRLS’… you have surely shown the right spirit of celebrating this friendship … you guys rocks … that was written so beautifully.

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