The Henna Tattoo...

If I ever have to write a column on "THINGS YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME", this might be the thing that you least expect me to write about.

Henna Tatto or Mehendi is applied commonly during festivals or special occassions in many parts of the world. Here in India, marriage is an occassion when many want to decorate their hands with beautiful patterns. Then come the festivals when apart from the grand attire, the dark colour that the henna leaves behind on your hand is something everyone is looking at. Among married women, there's this saying that the colour of the Mehendi is an indicator of your husband's love for you. The darker the colour, the more your husband loves you. Among unmarried women/girls, its only for comparison purpose.

I am no different. Normally I am averse to the idea of applying mehendi designs on my hands. Unless of course there is a special occassion as mentioned above. And you wouldn't find Henna on my hand EVER without reason or occassion. But here comes THE THING YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT ME.

If ever there is henna on my hands and there is no special occassion, then it is there for a very special reason. The reason is hurt, anger, sadness or any negative feeling. The Henna somehow acts as my opium. It is something that soothes my soul. I know it sounds wierd but it truly does. It is just one of the ways I adopt to help myself.

My aunt own's a beauty parlour and her assistants apply the Henna design. They are mighty talented girls I must say. They apply some really inspiring designs. Seeing the beautiful patterns on my hand, and since many people say the henna leaves a beautiful colour on my hand, the sheer attention that my hands get is enough for me to help drown out unpleasant thoughts. It is what I call THE DIVERSION THERAPY. For once, I am not the one under constant scrutiny. For once, a part of me seems beautiful to people, yet again. A small respite from uncomfortable questions. Just for a while. It sure does the trick.

So, now you know...If there's no diwali, no dussera, no marriage at home....and there's henna on my hand, it means I don't want to be in the spotlight for the moment and want a little peace. Talk to my hands till then. I might say that I was forced by my aunt's assistants because they wanted a hand to try their designs on, you now know its all a SHAM.

Why this sudden revelation??? Had nothing else to write and YES... have Henna on my hands, yet again. Peace!!

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  1. --xh-- said...:

    Henan as an opium to relive -ve emotions.. well, that is something new to me.
    henna designing is fun.. :-D i was so attracted by it that i went to a beautyparlour to do a course on henan design - and i can now make good henna paste from henna leaves.. :-D

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