Monday Morning Hues

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7.10 AM.

One of the rare days that I woke up before 7 lately. As a kid, I remember being such a darn disciplined kid, I almost gave myself a medal and a trophy for it :P Ahh!! That changed as I graduated. I dont know who else to blame but myself, for taking some really rash decisions. Anyways, as Master Oogway says in Kung Fu Panda : Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift. Thats why we call it PRESENT :)

So the driving class count has been exactly where it was. I've missed my last ten classes, thanks to an eye infection (CYST). Got plenty of time to catch up on my sleep and said to myself : "This monday, I am no longer gonna be lazy. I'll finish off those 8 remaining classes." And so I woke at 6 (with the help of two cell-phone alarms). Called up the driving class guy and he said he wont be able to make it today as he's in his village. Darn!! He'll call me when he returns. :(  :(  Decide to take my car on my own. After the morning routine, went up to Ma and asked her if we can go and take a round in the colony...give me some much needed road exposure.
 Momma says : "SURE"....and she covers the blanket over her head and goes off to sleep.
Papa Says: "Its cold outside and its too dark outside...light toh aane de". Hmmmmm

Thus I begin blogging...since my sleep is destroyed. Read the updated blogs in the blog-roll, my mind is still fresh with a heated conversation with dad (minor argument..chalte rehta hai) and I so want to drive that car :( :(

Heck..its 7.19 already and I've been rambling on. There's a Kendriya Vidyalaya two blocks away from my home and there'll be cartloads of kids out on the road now. I dont wanna be shit scared. I think I am just gonna go on my own (damn! I cant find my learner's license). Relatives are expected in a while and we have to go and pick them up from Secunderabad Station. I was thinking I'd drive up until a certain point, then Mom can continue her James Bond style driving. 

My problem here is I have been learning to drive an Indica...coz that's what dad has. I tried driving  Mom's Maruti one day and I felt like I'd been dismounted from a buffallo and placed upon a donkey. Sorry for the comparisions but the Maruti is too light for my liking...and its ABC..Accelerator, Break and Clutch...dont seem smooth enough. Mom has maintained her vehicle but I still like the Indica better. I neeeeed to learn to drive on the roads of Hyderabad/Secunderabad :( 

Ok 7:27 now...Enough is enough. I have had enough. Its gonna be the other way round. I am gonna pull mom out of her bed (she should be doing that...jesus!!!). If not I am going to give some much needed Dhamki of going alone :P 

7.28 toodles everyone...maybe a post later in the day but right now I need to go...real bad :P


P.S THANKS MITHE for the award :) :) Morning Morning you made my Monday :) :) 
And Sourish is blog-rolled. :)



15 Observations:

  1. are u fan of master oogway or wat :P...present is always beautiful for me :)...

    my god ur mom's james bond style then i have to learn from her ....poor u ...u disturbed ur whole sleep to learn driving and i am one person who is not driving the car even when my parents allowed me to do it :(

    oh my god did u pull ur mom out of the bed have a good monday and the week ahead...dont get to much angry dolls :)..


  1. sawan said...:

    smriti, wow, so much dedication to drive the wheels :))goood.. poor mom and dad :) hey listen, theres a new road open in Gachibowli cross roads, it goes to Airport. I hrd its a beautiful road. Maybe you could try your driving skills there!

  1. Mithe said...: are wandering Smriti-really are...but you knowyour rambles make an interesting read...continue please...

  1. ki said...:

    Kung Fu Panda is fantastic, innit?!!! :D

  1. Rakesh said...:

    Wow, such passion to learn driving. Btw, isn't this ironical that the two passions in your life currently are Kimi and Learning how to drive? lol.

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Yeah Hemz...Mom drives in a way that scares the hell out of me at times :P And not angry da :) :)


    Dedication...well...more like a necessity. I stay near Sainikpuri and to take the scooty 20 kms into the city all the time, is a pain...and the driver problem in hyderabad just thought of becoming my own driver :P Gachibowli huh?? Will surely take that road someday :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Thanks dear...keep visiting :)


    Yeah...I didnt expect it to be that great...but was pleasantly surprised :) :) in the words of PO.."IT WAS AWESOME" :D

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Yeah...true..Had postponed learning to drive for almost two years for various reasons (CA Classes and articleship being the main ones). I was becoming a laughing stock here that I loved motorsport and didnt even know how to drive :( :( So this was on the "things to do before 2008 ends" list. Next time I get a chance to go to a Grand Prix, I'll kick Hamilton's butt if Kimi proves to be non-show again :) :) :P

  1. Priya Joyce said...:

    hahaha lol on tat ur mom dad r reely interesting..arre tujh jaise bacchon ko sambhaalna hei toh u need to be like tat :P lol

    driving arre wah..kisi bahane toh kumbhkarn ji jaldi uthe ::P lol tc bye

  1. Rakesh said...:

    Ohkk, CA hmmm. But then how do you get time for reading so many books???

  1. Shalom said...:

    Ha ha, this was a fun read!!! Would you believe I have an actual license, but don't know to drive at all???

  1. SMRITI said...:

    @ RAKESH

    Replying to your question on your blog now :P


    :O :O :O Where did u get it from? Can I come there too?? :P

  1. Reflections said...:

    LOL, made good reading.
    How come so many driving classes???? I went for 10 classes[infact after 8 classes I got my driving license & I donated 2 of my classes to my mother]. The system has changed huh?????

    "Its gonna be the other way round. I am gonna pull mom out of her bed (she should be doing that...jesus!!!)."
    U bet.....times are changing huh:-D

  1. sawan said...:

    sainikpuri?? i stayed ther before! even that ecil road is good during early mornin, right?

  1. SMRITI said...:


    It is supposed to be 26 classes in all, but I am doing pretty well at 18. The classes are only needed in order to get the license...its easier to get it if you go through a driving school. But if I've paid for 26, then I will go for 26. :D :D


    I usually drive on the ECIL-AS RAO Nagar road...all the way upto Tarnaka flyover and back to Sainikpuri. Most of the road is good, except patches at ECIL Cross road and Moulali. But its good exposure driving in traffic... :)

    So why leave Sainikpuri? I love the locality and the whole cantonment area..its so peaceful innit?

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