Kids say the Darnedest Things :)

Yeah I know I've been away for a while. Haven't really been too busy, just been a bit lazy. Most of my time goes in finishing up a few pending assignments and didn't want to blog just for the heck of it....

Coming to the title of the post, don't you think kids today are much more cooler, smarter, whackier, sharper, blahblahblah-ber than you and me were at their age?

Why this sudden interest in things that kids say?? Well I am coming to that in a bit.

I finally had a hair cut. The summer was getting to my nerves and couldn't maintain the long step-feather-lazer cut (that's what my aunt calls it...I'm not sure what it was, but I loved it :P). I now have a full feather cut, and no I dont look like a "kabootar" or pidgeon as some of you may call.

So, my aunt runs this beauty parlour and she is the only person who I've gone to for every single thing since I can remember. Last saturday I decided I wanted to get my hair shorter so she suggested a change in the hair cut. Feather cut. After I said yes, we got down to business.

Another customer arrived in the mean-time with her 7 year old daughter. They wanted a haircut too and my aunt was busy cutting my hair (it took an hour and a half to do hair length is less than half of what it used to be :( SIGH!! SUMMER!!!)

The mother wanted a U-cut. The girl snapped in and said "No Mamma, go for step cut". My aunt said to the little girl that she could get it done, and let her Mother get a haircut of her choice. To this, the girl replied., "No, I want to see how it looks on her and how well you cut. After that I will get my hair cut". 

At that age, my mom refused to let me grow my hair. Every few months, it was cut short. I think I took decisions on hair styles and cuts after I turned 16. I wondered, what would my mom tell me if I said something like that to her? :P Of course it was a different time...Tab hum masoom bachche the :P :P

The girl was wearing an poncho and every few mins she kept looking at herself in the mirror. Then suddenly she looked at her mom and said, "Mummy, Am I looking fat in this?". I dont know if I was amused or disturbed. Are kids these days getting much more conscious of their looks than their talents? Because this isnt an isolated case.

My 4-year old nephew, a few days ago, yelled out and said to me "Bua, I cant reach the wash basin. Lift me up so that I can wash my face". He looked spotlessly clean to me so the lazy me said, "You look fine, just go to tuition next door". His reaction was "Arre I need to wash my face....I need to look fair". He is, what I call, a male-version of snow white. I couldn't help but smile.

Kids these days :)

P.S : Erratic posts to continue for a while. Will try my best to read as many posts as I can. Hope everyone is doing well :)

P.P.S: I Met Renu aunty, my blog mother :) Had a real good time :)

15 Observations:

  1. kids are fast these days and that true in many places...i was reading a similar thing abt kids in a post...and yeh kids are grown ups now...arey i really dont get y people call me a kid and kids act grown up :P..well i can take any posts from u dolls :)...missing u around so be back soon ...want to see ur new hairstyle ...pic it up soon :)..


  1. me first to comment yepeee after so many days :)..


  1. --xh-- said...:

    oh my god - 7 years and thinking about fat? too much...

  1. it is indeed amazing :P

    bad effect of MTV style check I suppose.... mujhe uss umar mein toh pant bhi thik se pehenna nhi aata...leave alone hair cut..waise bhi i had only one cut..thanks to my supercop dad...military katora cut till 18 until I got out of his command for studies :D

  1. ROTFL @ Daydreamer's comment
    welcome back....kaafi arse ke baad post kiya..
    and i have so lost their innocence these days...makes me sad :(
    lucky you and renu that both of you could meet up :)

  1. Priya Joyce said...:

    how come u and keshi share kindaa same experience??


    well kids r no more was sharing a similar experience wer a gal of 5 yrs didn't buy a tee juss coz her naval wasn't visible in it..huh! well now i feel.I am very traditional hmmmmm...well if this is modernity i'd better wish to be traditional..

    huh! this is not originality i wish kids cud think of something original that running after the crowd hmm

    well will keep missing u in between the the erratic posts :P

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I dont know if I was amused or disturbed. Are kids these days getting much more conscious of their looks than their talents? Because this isnt an isolated case.

    'ts true !! and i dnt like it much !! Kids have really got smarter and smtimes nastier too ;)

  1. Renu said...:

    ur post reminded me of my friend's daughter..only 4 year old and she wants only long hair no cuts, was saying...apne to lambe rakhenge, mere boy cut kara diye a, ab main nahi kat waaongi:), was surprised to see such a young girl having ideas:)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yup definitely, kids are a lot smarter these days. I never knew haircuts were for looking good. I thought we cut hair, so that we didn't get kicked out of school, just like we had to cut our nails and polish our shoes...

  1. Diva said...:

    ktb re....'child is the father of man' is more true now,than it ever was :P :P

  1. Vee said...:

    U bet.. the funniest I have experienced first-hand is this: My neighbor's son is 4 year old and he was going through my brother's marriage album. He saw me sitting with my sister-in-law. The little monster says, "Aap kyun baithe ho yahan, ye aapki wife thode na hai. Ye toh Bade chahcu ki wife hai. Unko baithna chahiye apni wife ke saath." Now, how the hell he knows what is wife, husband, whose wife is who and all that.. and it doesn't end there. He is a gone case. Embarrasses the whole neighborhood at drop of pin..

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wow the devil is back albeit with a hair cut. You were missed ? I dont think so. but i wondered what happened?

    and then i found ur blog updated and the topicc was on kids.

    wow i agree with u smriti, the kids today are smarter than ever before....

    my 3and half yr old nephew who has lived half his life in India and half in US needs a DVD player to entertain himself n he knew how to operate it when he was nt even 2...he needed a mobile to pep him up while crying....

    and in my cousin's wedding this chap was instructing teh DJ to play Dhoom songs so that he cud dance on them!! he was 2 then :)))

    lots of ancedotes to quote for the kids, but yes they rock and at times u get shell shocked when u hear smthin out of blue :)))

  1. sawan said...:

    feather cut!! i am googling it to see how it looks :) seems like summer is making u sweat a lot :) u take care girl, have loadz of fun..

    din get friends cd yet :(

  1. Ashish Surana said...:

    May be thats the exact reason why kids are so liked these days :P

    And you never know, some 5 yr old kid would be blogging too writing exactly opposite :P

  1. Anonymous said...:

    zoom channel jyada dekhne pe baccho pe yehi bura asar padta hai.

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