All my life, I've tried to understand what true happiness is.

Was it when I got good grades?
Was it when I got my scooty?
Was it when I finally did what I wanted to?

I kept thinking even as happiness ensued me.


was when I went home last diwali and felt like a daughter
was when he told me money will come, moment may not
was when he shared tiny yet significant moments of his life with me
was when mumma told me she called him up 'just cos she felt like it'
was when I was down with fever and for the first time someone took care of me, just like I'd imagined
was when we went to eat kulfi in the middle of the night
was when I realized how complete my life is
was when I realized I can be happy without buying something material
was when I watched a youtube video which made no sense to me, yet was familiar coz it reminded me of him

Happiness is all these small things which bring a smile to your face...and it comes in doses.

Right when you need them. :)

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    veryyy nice yaar..:)

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