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The Blue Mug - A play featuring Ranvir Shorey, Rajat Kapoor, Konkana Sen Sharma, Vinay Pathak, Sheeba Chaddha and Munish Bharadwaj.

The play spoke about memories - and how important it is to our lives. All the characters depicted memories that they remembered...something close to their heart. Most of it was part of the act but god did I enjoy the play.

Speaking of memories.

I will always remember THESE from today:
1) I was not keen on going for the play but after insistence from the gang, I gave in.
2) Until this day, I always assumed I was a "non-play" kind of person. Today I know I'M NOT! I LOVED IT.
3) This was the first time ever that I'd gone to see a play IN MY LIFE. (Pooja's reaction was just priceless when I told her that...It's not a big deal you know Poo bear :P )
4) I met Ranvir Shorey, Rajat Kapoor, Konkana Sen Sharma and Vinay Pathak after the play and rued the fact that I didn't get a camera with me.
5) Realized how approachable these actors were and now know the true worth of stage plays. (Konkana was so sweet... An old man had come to talk to her after the play and she went up to him and said Namaste! It was so natural. It was such a wonderful feeling. Ranvir stood next to me, with a wonderful smile on his face. He looked at Konkana with pride. He left with her, hand in hand, after she was done talking to the old man.)

It was a truly wonderful day for me. I'll remember it for a very long time.

Thanks Ye ACJ Bunch. I LOVE YOU GUYS! :)

5 Observations:

  1. awesome day u had :)...u should have carried a cam na dolls...anyways happy to see u enjoying :)..


  1. The Blue Mug said...:

    Hey Smriti, glad you loved us!! :D
    Check us out at

  1. k.ø.c.h.ü said...:

    Dolllzzzzzz ..u met KONKANAAAAAA.........oooooooo....Slap slap...shudve informed me b4...Konkana is my personal fav of de finest from de current movie industry...luv al her it commercial ones or de award spls, she does things wid perfection...

    trust me I AM FEELIN JEALOUS OF U ..GRRR...SLAP it's an order...take me 2 all these people sumday k ?? ;) hugzz dear

  1. k.ø.c.h.ü said...:

    ps: It's now that i notices de Follow me badge in de site..i used 2 wonder how de hell do i miss all yer updates in my timeline !!! N hey, luvly n simple template ;)hugzz again

  1. JoHn said...:

    the true actors and their acting and acts get lost somewhere in the middle of all commercialism and marketing and business.


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