Phew!!! The last few days have been just so tiring, I can barely manage to keep my eyes open as I type this. Work has been hectic and the weather hasn't been too kind either. As always, I started to bicker. A lot of people have told me, "You're one pampered girl!". And as usual, I try to negate them. Today I admit that I realise how pampered I have been. Anyways, enough of work now. Have been at it all day and no more of it here.

A few days ago, I met my two adorable nephews and one niece. Krish, Rishi and Khushi... my smile quotients these days. :) Khushi, all of six months, hardly came to me. Earlier she'd just start to cry but these days I think she's getting fond of this aunt of hers. There's this really adorable way she rests her head on my shoulder and continues to gaze around with such amazement. And I. Oh gosh, cant explain how amazing it feels to have her there. I was really tired that day when i met them. I thought I'd just pass out of the sofa.

I was amazed at my own self, as I began running behind Krish, 4, and Rishit 1. And I played with all three of them for the longest of time. And it felt so so so so ...... peaceful!! :)

Anyways, you are wondering what this title is all about. Right??? Well, it symbolises my astonishment at these kids and the things they say. Krish came up to me and said "Bua, you help me wear my new clothes na!!". I said ok and the moment I took out his t-shirt, he started to sing "Dil mein mele hai dalde-disko...dalde-disko"...with the steps!!! :D :D :D :D

I am still smiling with all the memories of the events of that day. :)

3 Observations:

  1. Jaydip Mehta said...:

    :-) .. Bought smile on my face also when I read "moment I took out his t-shirt, he started to sing "Dil mein mele hai dalde-disko...dalde-disko"...with the steps!!!" .. very cute ..

  1. Alok said...:

    that was really sweet; the next time I hear the song it will be for sure remain 'dalde-disko'... smiles :)

  1. Diva said...:

    krish ka video li ki nai uney dance karte waqt??? ;) ;) .. i m dying to watch it :D

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