No this isnt a scientific thesis on something wierd that happens to you when you see that gorgeous looking guy/gal. Just a little tid-bit from my life and the events unfolding with each passing day.

So I broke my glasses for the...dont remember which time. But I must admit I've been doing this oh-so very often that some people say I must marry an optician or whatever. Lame!!

This store I usually buy my "spectacular" glasses from, is the only place I find something that suits my taste. I broke my glasses exactly two weeks ago. I joined my office two days after that. Imagine my utter discomfort without glasses. Oh, and by the way, I can manage without glasses...they don't render me completely blind. Its only minus 0.75 power that we are talking about. No big deal.

Or so I thought. It turned out to be a cardinal crime in the books of Khushboo. My friend and a co-articleship student. We have been doing audits for the past ten days and I get "one-blasting-a-day" from Khushboo. Everyday I hear the same thing from her, "Smriti, seriously get your glasses repaired or get a new pair". (I forgot to mention that I dont keep a spare pair, just in case...like the above mentioned emergency").

Normally Khushboo wouldnt have been at me in this manner. But since I was telling her 5 instead of 8 and 8 instead of 5, while reading out accounting figures that we were checking, she felt she had every right to say that. Gosh...I think in a way, she DID have every right. By the way, it wasnt entirely my fault you see. It is hard to understand the 5s and the 8s, the way some people scribble it down. It takes a lot of time anyways.

Let's leave Khushboo and the financial matter aside for a while and concentrate on the FLIRTATIONS part. Well I have been going to my regular optician almost every other day, only to find it closed. I dont even know if they shut down shop (I wonder how coz I gave them a lot of business you see).

My only other option was to find another store. I went to this optician near my aunt's place and he quoted Rs 2500 upwards for all the glasses I liked. He crazy?? I'm not willing to spend that much on glasses. My old one cost abt Rs 1000 and its sexy (EVERYONE Else says so...not me...although I do think its sexy :P). I walked out of that store.

Two days ago, Papa suggested we try at this store on our way home. It is a branch of the same optical store, he said (Now why he couldn't have had this brilliant idea before I stepped into that exhorbitant shop??). And so I went and ordered for a new pair of glasses along with my broken pair for repairing. These were to be delivered the next day.

I reached the shop next day at 7, only to be told that my glasses would be ready in about 15 mins. Papa waited in the car as I sat in the shop. The shop owner, around my age, must've been pretty bored and I guess that's why he started up a conversation which went as follows:

Shop Owner: How long have you been using your previous glasses for?
Me: Three years or a little over it I think.

Shop Owner: I see. Haven't you given a thought to wearing contacts anytime?
Me: I did but my mom isnt confident that I can handle them carefully and it needs a lot of care, doesnt it?

Shop Owner:Yes they need a lot of care but you look reasonably careful person to me. I'm sure you can handle it. And its not too costly either.
Me: You are just saying to cos you need to sell it. (I still I cant believe I said that to his face).


Shop Owner: No Mademji Smritiji (Its annoying the way he calls me that..I mean..WHAT EXACTLY IS THAT??)
Shop Owner : I wasnt suggesting it just for sale mademji.I think you have really beautiful eyes and you shouldnt hide them behind glasses.

(I am thinking either he is crazy or just some lunatic who doesnt have anyone else to while away his time...the latter seems right).

Me: Na I have normal eyes with which I cant even see properly (Huh?? I think now, did that make any sense at all?).

Shop Owner: I didnt mean to agitate you mademji but I am not saying such things just like that. You are very cute and you have beautiful eyes. I am just making a suggestion that's all. (I say to myself, "Dude, get over with the flirting already".)

Me: Thanks!! (What else can I say now..I have tried being rude but it wont move further than this).


Me: How much longer?

Shop Owner: Just a few mins more. Or if you want I'll deliver them to your home. Where do you live?

(Like hell he thinks I'm gonna give him my address)
Me:I live quite far near Sainikpuri. I dont think you'll come up till there and there's no need to.

Shop Owner: No I can still come, its not that far.
Me: No its alright. I've managed two whole weeks. What's another day? I'll collect them tomorrow.
Shop Owner: As you wish mademji.
Me: Thanks.
Shop Owner: Jee Ok.


Shop Owner: Haan Mademji Smritiji. I'm calling from the shop. Your glasses are ready. Can you come back and collect them?
Me: No I'm almost home and I cant come now. I'll take them tomorrow.

Shop Owner: I can deliver them to your home if you want, its really not too much trouble.
Me: No thank you. I will collect them tomorrow. No worries about that.

Shop Owner: When can I expect you tomorrow?
Me: In the evening same time as today.

Shop Owner: The store opens at 1030 AM morning, you can take it then.
Me: No I have office at that time, I'll collect it in the evening. Thank you.
Shop Owner: Ok Goodnight Mademji.

Me: Hello, my glasses please.
Shop Owner: Have you given a thought to our last night's conversation?

Me: What?
Shop Owner: Contacts.

Me: Yeah, I have given it a thought and.....
Me: This is what I'd like to stick to. I like my glasses.
Shop Owner: Yes Mademji. I'm sorry. But now I see you in glasses, I think you look equally beautiful wearing them. (Huh??? What is with this guy?? Is he like one of those people who are hell bent on calling everything they lay eyes on, BEAUTIFUL??)

Me: Yes. I like me in my glasses. Thank you.
Shop Owner: Yes Mademji. You look really good in glasses too. Please continue wearing the Kajal in your eyes...looks good. (Double "huh??"... and a look of total bewilderment on my face).

Me: Ok thank you. Can you take care of this receipt so I can make a move? I am in a hurry.
Shop Keeper: Yes Mademji. Thank you for visiting us. Do visit us again.
Me: Ok. Thank you.
Shop Keeper: Jee Shukriya.



5 Observations:

  1. Alok said...:

    Poor shopkeeper, seems he was entirely motivated by those filmy marketing fundas for selling his possible stupid products.

  1. Nithin Jayan said...:

    Shop Owner:
    "You are very cute and you have beautiful eyes."
    "Yes Mademji. I'm sorry. But now I see you in glasses, I think you look equally beautiful wearing them."
    "really beautiful eyes and you shouldnt hide them behind glasses"

    Seems de shop owner has some serious visual prob...or psychiatric prob..(illusion...?)
    How would A "normal" person wid good vision say so...2 you...?
    I would prescribe him new specs...!!! hi hi...just kiddin k...

    n I am back...4 a break in between exams...hi hi...

  1. You misspelt 'weird' as 'wierd' in the first line of your post.

  1. Nithin Jayan said...:

    smritiiiiiii...lost 'smriti' of all blogging n v fellow readers...scooby dooby doo wer r ye...c'mon i've added lot more 2 my blog n demand now yer reviews...!!!

  1. wow...just a lol...loved the post ...btw whose the shop keeper..heheh..

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