Smile on my face... :)

Well, just refreshed the songs in my phone and this time put the songs that I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS loved... no latest songs in my cell, mind you. Cos I listen to them for a few days, get bored. I put up like 18 songs from my most favorite boyband ever - WESTLIFE. Wanted to put up my favourite songs by the band. These are the songs that have always given me goosebumps.

I listen to WRITTEN IN THE STARS on a daily basis. I CRY is a more sombre mood song, but I love it nevertheless. :)

This is to all the WESTLIFE fans...and pop-music lovers all over. :)

1 Observations:

  1. Diva said...:

    i think we can also claim for the title 'The Weslife biggest girl fans' :P :P
    I remember there was a phase when we both were sooo crazy abt this band and used to talk abt their songs non-stop n keep listening to them whenever we met at ur place or mine!!
    And of course, i kno u still are a BIG fan :):) ... I am not much into their songs now but i really wonder where they have disaapeard.. They did make our friendship very special in a certain way, dint they?? ;)
    I always think of u when I hear 'Seasons in the Sun'.. donno why!!!
    Also, my westlife faves are 'I Cry' and 'If i let u go' ... :D :D

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