From my Sister's heart... :)

This is something my Kid sister wrote for me today (Well she's 17...but she'll always be the most adorable "kid" I know :P), While I was on phone with Ashish for over an hour, discussing my future plans. And Oh!! I couldn't clear my second group in CA exams...and funnily, I dont feel any disappointment at all. :)

So cut to the point, I have my TCMS exam on 1st August...and it feels so...right... :) Anyways, lemme hand it over to my sis Deepti ..a.k.a JOLLY..and this is what she wrote for me....

Its good to know that while there is an absolute barrage of people shouting at me for taking up journalism, I am happy that I have many people in my life who think the way my sister does... :) Love you all..Love you Joll :P

I am so Proud of you sis.
I know when I will tell you this, this is what the conversation will go:
Me: I am so Proud of you sis!
Sis: Proud? What for? "cause of failing in my CA exam? (wid a laugh n probably a raised eyebrow!)
Me: umm yeah, but Datz secondary issue. I am proud that you are not "COMPROMISING" with your dreams and you are doing something you love a lot. Instead of comfort, you're choosing the hard way round. Instead of givning money the first priority, you're giving satisfaction as your number one priority. .. Now I remember that Shahrukh Khan saying "Don't be Sanutsht! Thoda Aur Wish Karo, Dish Karo!"
People will surely say you to be practical, and they might think you're just being a baby and still dreaming of things.
But I believe you sis. I know how serious you are for this course, and I believe it that one day you will surely make Dad Proud.
I know Dad is a bit upset at all this now, but girl, you're doing the right thing. When you finally like something, you should go for it and achieve it.
All these words of wisdom, I don't need to tell you, gal, 'cause it's all the things that I gained from you. It's like Mera dialogue mujh par hi!
But still, listening to your conversation on the phone, I was so damn proud of you. Listening you about your plans, I really believed that you are now ready to FLY! And I believe it, you CAN do it! For the first time, I think, after a long time, I am whole heartedly and pure heartedly wishing that you get into this line of your dreams!
Hehehehe...Cmon deeds, what do you think, I am a great writer, eh?? Wake up! I am still a kid at heart and brain! But I am smarter than A 5th Grader.So this is all you're gonna get. I Can do it better than this, but a bit Lazy you know! So neglect my writings, and appreciate my feelings!! Waah! Kyaa Dialogue Maara Maine!!

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  1. Alok said...:

    "Waah! Kyaa Dialogue Maara ...."

    Wish you good luck! I am sure nothing will be far away :)

  1. Nithin Jayan said...: spit de truth...was it a kit kat or mars that u offered her 2 write this? Hi hi... :-) nice. I donno much about yer course n de papers still from 'common man's' view point here's a slap slap :-) 4 de lost paper(u should've gone slightly wrong sumwer na? Just 4 that)...n lucky u havin a sibling 2 soothe u :-( all i hav is bunch of pals n ma lovely parents!

  1. @Alok..

    Thanks a tonne :)

  1. @Nithin

    Ok...I didnt "lose a paper"...I fell short of the aggregate...and for common man's knowledge, its not the easiest thing to clear a CA paper.. unlike MBA, MBBS or LLB, this is a course which has no time period for finishing (my seniors have been at it since 8 years now...and yet they have a few more papers to clear...). Besides, Its the most boring job on earth, as far as I am concerned. So I was in a way happy that I didnt clear it, I can move on and do something different, tht I really really wanna do...will keep you posted for more

    P.S. DIDNT offer her anything...well feel like offering her something for writing this. Was totally unexpected (OMG...M going totally senti ..LOL)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Can you write more about the "Ashish" you mentioned in your blog :D

    Coz he kept you busy and in the mean while your sister was able to write such a nice post !!!

    Should say thanks to ashish :P

  1. --xh-- said...:

    neve lose dream yaar. u will get ur cup of success :-D it may take itz time, but it will be the dweetest thing whn u get it. all da best for ur TCMS exams...

  1. @ Anonymous Ashish

    LOL :P I think "Ashish" has got to be the most fascinating person I've met online.. Wierdo...yet alarmingly endearing...and also the one with the top most narcissistic tendencies I've known... ;) Look at him, in all his narcissistic splendour :D

  1. @Anoop

    Thanks a tonne... :) Exam went really well...almost finalised plans... :)

  1. Ashish Surana said...:

    Are you praising me or wat !! :x your self have writting more comments then other did...WTF :P

  1. Aparna said...:

    It took me to my past a distant past of mine, I never took off ....but my sis has dome something similar to me , she still has her faith in me alive and burning:)..
    Wish you all the best for your dreams and aspirations......

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