You are my eyes, when I cant seem to see the obvious

You are my smile, when my lips refuse to twitch

You are my voice, when I am short of words

You bring me hope, when It seems oh so out-of-stock

You touch my heart, with every little thing that you do

You are my reason, to look forward to a brand new day

You are my dream, the most beautiful I've ever seen

You are my reality, when I cant seem to draw lines to truth

You are my thought, every time I hear a love song

You are the closest I feel, to that feeling they call Love

You are my Mr.Perfect, and I hope you'll always be just that

You make me feel more alive than I could ever feel

You give me the sense of comfort, a feeling of coming home

You are my inspiration, my motivation..

You are perfect being YOU...and I am so thankful to god, Knowing you.

And I apologise, But I cant stop being head over heels in love with you.


4 Observations:

  1. Nithin Jayan said...:

    YOU rock hi hi...hmmm... :-)
    lovely...n this post gives me a 'romantic' start 4 de day! (gotta spend de rest of de day wid fractures n tumors! )

  1. :D

    Well...YOU rock too :P...

    Wasnt intending on making it poetic (m bad at it anyways)...was feeling a lil romantic myself when I wrote it for my "someone special" :P

    And wat's with the fractures and tumors?? O_o

  1. Nithin Jayan said...:

    hmmm...k...!!! im here 2 rock once again!!! luvly weekend!!!...chk ma blog!!! not 'really' romantic!!!(n wid fractures n tumors...i meant about ma postings..orthopaedics)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Indeed some nice romantic work:)the special someone really got lucky:)

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