Wonderous, Wonderful...Well...

I couldn't think of a title. No seriously. Today was my first weekend in months, which I spent with a friend. And a new one at that. Let me start from the beginning.

Four days ago, as I logged into my gtalk, I was surprised to find someone I didn't know, sending me an add request. Since blogger is the only place where my gtalk id is displayed, I figured out it must've been someone who's just been to my blog.

No sooner did I add the person, I got a "Hi" from the other end. I remember being in a highly spirited mood, for reasons best known to me, and I promptly responded with a chirpy "Hi". Nornally, I'd start my usual grilling, coz, well, as they say net isnt the place to trust just anyone. For no reason at all, I began talking to him like he was a long lost friend.

I felt at ease talking to him, spoke about blogs, books and other stuff. Out of nowhere I initiated and asked him for his number and spoke to him. It felt really nice talking to someone, and just... dunno... a feeling that I already know him. Anyways, talking on the phone was alright, but I shcoked myself and asked him if he'd like to meet. Believe me, I am not someone to just act on impulse and ask to meet someone just like that. I have had online friends living a few kms away from me, and yet I haven't met then, even though we have been chatting for 2-3 years.

So, with my TCMS exam done and dusted, I called him up and confirmed our plans for the meet. I met him up this saturday. He was new to the city so I was supposed to be the tour guide. I wouldve showed him around the places of interest in the city, but I was too tired myself. I decided to sit down and have a talk instead.

I called him at the Prasad's Imax multiplex. But it was way too crowded and I dont like crowded places. Especially when meeting friends and for quiet chats. We decided tomove away from there to Eat Street on Necklace Road. We ate a little and then moved to other parts of the Necklace Road, for a quiet conversation.

I thought he might get bored of the place in a short while. Necklace road is a huge stretch off road around the Hussain Sagar Lake. It is also known for couples hanging out together. I didnt care for the latter reputation. It was peaceful and beautiful and I was quiet enjoying myself there. He spoke a lot more...he rather than me. I began to think about his perspective and his view on things. The more he spoke, the more I realised that he was a very together person and supremely confident of himself.

Amidst our talks, we were rudely distrubed by people (mostly men) howling...why do they do that?? Cant a guy and a girl sit and talk without being thought about as a "couple"?? Seriously, I just dont get it. Anyways, as I mentioned earlier, I thought he might have gotten bored of the place. But I couldn't be more wrong. He said he liked the place...the weather was fine too and it was a good day to spend time outdoors, at leisure.

We sat talking for about 3 hours (yeah yeah most people might think that you coud've watched a movie in that time....I dont care). And I was really glad that I met this friend of mine. I didnt do it on impulse. I guess there was that something that told me to go and meet him. I am glad that I met him and spent that afternoon just talking for a long time. A lot of serious talks, a lot of not so serious talks. In the end, I realised that I had found a really nice person for a friend, someone who knows himself well, is confident, a great speaker, knows his abilities and his shortcomings, and cracks better jokes than he thinks.

Oh and Yeah. Talking about the rude disturbances between our chats, there was this bunch of girls that was loitering around where we sat. One of them comes up to him and asks, "Excuse me, are you both brother and sister?". I was tongue-tied but he just replied, "YA". It was fun to see a bewildered expression on the girl's face while others went crazy laughing. We had a good laugh ourselves and he admitted that this was the funniest part of the meet. I took leave and we've been talking on a daily basis now. Both of us had kind of expected to bore each other, but then again it wasnt meant to be. I think we found for ourselves, a new friend, a new discussion, a new agreement, a new disagrement and hopefully in future, there will be more good than bad to this friendship.

Oh..I forgot to mention...His name is Ashish Surana..and you'll find him on http://exception-blog.blogspot.com/ ;)

Cheers to you and our friendship Ashish!! ;)

5 Observations:

  1. Ashish Surana said...:

    Thank you buddy !!!

    It was nice meeting you too and I hope sm1 else wud read n comment on my blog as you have a long fan list!!! :D

    thanks for giving some publicity to my blog !!!

    And ya, the last one was the most amazing incident ever happened with me

  1. Nithin Jayan said...:

    Yupp seems it's hight time 2 shift 2 yer land...im fed up here...!gosh...regarding de last poem in ma blog it's my 'trademark' imagination(hi hi) plus reality...that post is entirely dedicated 2 de people around me(my campus grrr...)

  1. aqua gurl said...:

    I got here through nithin;s blog and i must say i don;t regret it!!
    Awesome post.....i can so relate to this instance, have had a similar incident happen in my life.
    Well written, honest, and straightforward!
    just curious to know....necklace garden...hyderabad???

  1. @Aqua gurl

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

    Necklace "road"...yepp...Hyderabad :)

  1. Aqua gurl said...:

    wao thts so cool, the reason i asked was....i had been to hyderabad in grade 10...was trying to recollect what i'd seen there:P:P

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