The "I" Tag

Found this tag on AQUA GURL's Blog...Self tagged myself, coz this is a really fun as well as challenging tag. I'm asking myself these questions...

I am - a dreamer
I think - all the time...even while asleep...working overtime here people :P
I want- satisfaction from everything I do
I have - an ever growing collection of books :P
I wish - I wasnt as possessive as I am
I hate - the word HATE...too strong a word for me...though I like the word DISLIKE
I miss- my Grandmother
I fear - fear itself
I feel - a sense of happiness when I realise I have a strong support system of friends and family members
I hear - whatever my sis makes me hear....she's owns the remote these days.. :)
I search - for peace of mind
I wonder - If I can EVER be satisfied with ANYTHING
I regret- losing control over my life....still on track to regain it
I love - Kimi Raikkonen :P ...
I believe - nobody's perfect but trying means a lot more than perfection
I dance- only at home... with my sis giving me "Oh god, what the hell is happening" looks
I lose- only to myself
I win - competing with myself
I cry- for the smallest of things... I'm too sentimental :P
I write- coz I dont know a better way to express myself
I always- make resolutions and break them with immediate effect :P
I dont always- like to be told what to do...nor do I like going to places of worship
I listen- to my is constantly talking to me...even now..says "What are you write this..write that..nooooo"
I can usually be found- at home reading a book in my room or in front of the PC or mausi's place (now that I dont work anymore)
I need- to learn to be more patient and control my mind
I am happy about- the fact that I am able to become sane after moments of insanity, instead of doing something really stupid
I imagine- I will have a complete control over my life really soon...and that imagination could well be a reality

Ok..I think I did OK with this blog....tagging anyone who wants to take it up... its a chance to introspect. Cheers!! :)

4 Observations:

  1. Priya Joyce said...:

    so many gr8 I's there smriti.

    u r cool gal super cool
    luve u

  1. I love - Kimi Raikkonen :P ...

    I expected this there before even reading all...

    I cry- for the smallest of things... I'm too sentimental :P
    I write- coz I dont know a better way to express myself

    I am similar in these..2..

    gr8 tag smriti...loved it...:)..


  1. aqua gurl said...: glad you took this up, feels so good:)
    same pinch with regards to so many things....thinking all the time:P:P

    very nicely done and expressed:)


  1. Vinay said...:

    hey smrithi...
    glad u liked my blogrollin u too...u write well...haven't visited ur other blogs yet...will do so once i get home to my pc..

    am in college now, and well as usual net is snail-paced...!! :)

    me was waitin to find this tag as an open tag, and m gonna take it up tonite itself!! thanks...!!

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