All thanks to dear young Nithin Jayan who inspired me write about the nuances of the bladder activity. :P This is about a conversation I had with mom and dad on our way back home today.

It all started out with the familiar sight of a man, standing in a desolate corner of a near empty street in the Secunderabad Cantonment area. Why pay attention?? He was relieving himself. It reminded me of this ad I saw on SAHARA FILMY a few days ago. It spoke about Gandhigiri.

Q: to Munnabhai : People relieve themselves anywhere and everywhere, what can we do to stop this?

Munnabhai's answer : Simple. When you find a man relieving himself, just go and stand behind him and wait for him to finish. When he is done, put a garland around his neck, clap and whistle loudly and congratulate him. Then give him a sapling and say "Now that you have provided the water, why dont you plant a sapling too. That way, there'll be greenery at least."

The Ad was funny for sure. You may not see it in my narration. Anyways, as I narrated this ad to my mom, and thus started our debate :

Mom: One cant really help when there are no public toilets around. If its urgent, then its ok.

Me: Mom, we have a lot of Public toilets...those sulabh thingys these days. Why cant they go in there?

Mom: People worry about hygiene at such places.

Me: Mom, its fairly clean. People just dont want to part with Rs 2 to pee.

Mom: No it isnt like that. These toilets arent available everywhere....take for instance this area. Its in the Secunderabad Cantonment board, absolutely secluded, wild bushes and trees all around and no public rest room in sight. What other option do they have?

Me: Does that mean they relieve themselves anywhere?

Mom: Its not all bad. It is going into the soil or to the plants. Its like fertilizer. (huh???)

Me: Whatever, but it gives out a bad smell.

Mom: Ya if too many people relieve themselves at one place. Not in such cases where it is all going to the plants.

Me: Even so...cant men have restraint? I mean, we dont dare do it. Why cant men stop doing it?? Its totally uncivilised the way men relieve themselves in the open. Its embaressing and totally unhygienic.

Mom: I dont completely agree with you. If its urgent then there's no option.

And we changed the topic...while I counted 6 such men relieving themselves as we had this conversation.

I had an American lady staying with us last year. She was on her first trip to India and was baffled to see the crowded streets, cows on the road and people relieving themselves in the open. In her Words : This is the 27th Man I've counted from Delhi to here...I need to take back a picture of the next one I find. How can they do it so openly?

(By the way, her boyfriend had something to add to it : Baby, if you'd counted properly, it would have been three times that number)

(Her boyfriend is an Indian who settled abroad long ago!!)

Just want to know what you think about it. And do you think this will ever stop??

16 Observations:

  1. --xh-- said...:

    do I approve it - no and yes, depends from case to case.
    Have i done it - yes.
    why? only when it is absolute necessary (read that I hold it till the last moment and I could not hold it for another minute) and I could not find a toilet in the vicinity. And a habit of drinking 5-7 ltr of water a day is no great help either.

    I dont think there are enough public toilets around - I can vouch for Bangalore and kerala - there are not enough public toilets.
    If there are sufficent public toilets, will people stop peeing outside? - may be they will, may be they will not. but there will be a change in the numbers for sure...

  1. have to wait for my comment still thinkin..


  1. k.ø.c.h.ü said...:

    Oh this nithin...kudos...hi hi...thanks 4 spreadin de 'pee-factor' hi hi...
    N de response:
    Imagine u r a guy...n u r on yer way 2 college...n u feel like yer bladder is about 2 explode...u don't have a toilet anywhere near n u don't know if one is there a bit farther...
    I bet you'll 'do' what's 2 b done or atleast wish u wer still mama's toddler wearin snuggy!

  1. hey to be frank wat will anyone doo at the situation wen they have to take a pee and dont know a place near by..and if u wer a boy u wud know the huge probs lol..but i agree there r some public places and people can use them sometimes it hard to find one public urination bacame post da...dolls hugs..


  1. Nikita said...:

    I think its disgusting......what gives men the liberty to do it in public?
    and also to scratch their crotch keepin the eye contact intact as if nuthing is happenin at all...its euhh....

  1. Prashant Sree said...:

    PEE-mancipation is on its way !! I had wondered abt such things which people do in public.,. We have many similar factors like "Spit factors", "Garbage-Throwal", which is quite active in our communities...

    Before we talk of the solution, some of my takes on it., Its a mystery to me why people who go abroad dont get the bladder urgency as they do in India. Iam sure they know if they dare to do that in U.A.E, they will be relieved of their bladder as well.,. Just because one has the constitutional rights in India, doesnt mean they use that right for everything...

    And about the solution, i have thought if we have a patrol with camera's who takes pics of people who pee and publish it on T.V or the newspapers, Iam sure the pee-ing people will be humble enough to avoid publicity. :)

    P.S: Its true that its hard to control ur bladder when u have no public bathrooms nearby. In that people dont have a choice.,. but as always, only a few follow the rules.

    Keep Emancipating !!


  1. Renu said...:

    I must tell u how i came to ur blog, ur name Smriti caught my eye, since i named my daughter smriti-I never found any other girl by this name, u r the first one:).
    I also feel very embarrassed,I think there shud be a fine, Indians can be controlled best by penalty::))

  1. vishesh said...:

    ya its dumb! donno...i think they do it on purpose...

  1. amooma said...:

    unlikely to stop. but, well, if it is that urgent, what else can thy do?

  1. Pooja said...:

    everyi's speakng as if only guys hav bladder...c'mon,if gurls dont do it y do guys???

  1. k.ø.c.h.ü said...:

    hey.....come fast....!!!!! grrrrrr....need review...!!!!!!!!

  1. OK...So my comments are wanted here are they?? :P

    @Anoop : I cannot help but agree with you that its hard to control and a solution would be to provide better sanitation facilities in the cities and towns...more public toilets would certainly reduce the numbers but certainly, aint gonna get rid of the problem at all...

    P.S. All the pics i searched for on google provided links to pics of males relieving themselves I can have some consolation that this is not an INDIAN PROBLEM alone!! :)

  1. @Hemanth : Proper comment found wanting :P

    @Doc aka Nithin : Well it isnt like I havent had to control my bladder till date. Girls/Women just cant "pee" absolutely anywhere.. we can resist for hours together, of course damaging our bladder a little in that process. Conduct a poll among girls if u wish to and ask how many of them have ever urinated in public (I mean alleys and main roads)...NEGLIGIBLE I BET!!

  1. @HEMS: SORRRRRYYY!!! Didnt see your comment :( :(

    Same reply as to Kochu's comment...we've controlled thus far and will be the masters at it for the longest of time!! :P

  1. @Nikita : Completely agree with you!!

    @Prashanth : Hey, that's a nice solution...should we go to the authorites and ask them to put our hard earned money to good use?? :)

  1. @Renu : Thanks for visiting! :)

    @Vishesh : Err...they???? :P

    @Amooma : Did u do it when it was urgent?? :)

    @Pooja : Thanks...At least someone is saying what I wanna say :)

    Any more questions Kochu???

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