Singapore DAY 1

Its 7.21 PM and me and Kalyan just came back from a whole day's walking walking walking... Phew!! Haven't walked this much in months...seriously speaking my toes hurt right now, but it was all worth it.

I woke up at 10.30 in the morning today and then went about doing morning LOITERING ...unsure what I was supposed to do. Appu prepared Aloo Ka Parathas and that's what we had to fill our tummies. Got ready around 12.30 PM and Me, Appu and Kalyan took the train (they call it MRTs here) to Dhoby Ghaut. From there we changed trains and went to City Hall. And walking walking it was all the way.

Saw a BMW F1 car....not bad...I quite like it :) Went around , basically covered most of the track (roads closed so went about walking around it...see picture for the parts we covered).

Marked with red are the areas we covered of the track. Saw the starting grid from the Singapore Flyer...that was really good. Got to observe the Singapore skyline from there...was real real real fun.

Hmmm... I'm really tired now...For those of you, who'd like to see pics, I've uploaded them on my Picasa as follows.

Will keep updating more..Hope everyone is doing well...Resting time...Peace!! :)

8 Observations:

  1. prajyot said...:

    very nice pics..enjoy in Singapore

  1. --xh-- said...:

    wow, keep giving updates. and do some extra cheer from my side for the Ferrari team :)

  1. Nice pics. Someone's havin a lot of fun....

  1. have fun dolls....:)...


  1. Prashant Sree said...:

    So all fun and exploring new places.,. Enjoy t stay in new place !!

    Have a enjoyable F1 racing seeing experience !!

  1. Priya Joyce said...:

    hey saw the pics luvly kooool!!
    njoy yaar.

  1. Solitaire said...:

    I love singapore..

    It is my favoritestestest place in the whole wide world.

    Make the most of it!

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