SINGAPORE..Here I am!! :)

Hey Everyone,

I'm FINALLY in Singapore. Its 11.06 PM (minus 2.5 Hrs for IST). Appu came to pick me up at the airport and now she's cooking a tasty meal for me (Palak Paneer, Black Dal, Parathas...thats what I saw her making ...yummmy). Kalyan isn't back home yet and we are sort of waiting for him to come (I'm hungry...but wanted to update here as well).

I started from home at 4.00 AM morning and took the bus to SHAMSHABAD AIRPORT. Reached airport, my first visit to the new airport which is exactly 1 hr away early morning time (no wonder it takes 2-3 hrs to reach there in peak hours). Its huuuuuge...but not quite as impressive as everyone talks about. But its good.

I took the 6.30 AM flight from Hyderabad and reached Chennai at 7.30. An Aerial view of Chennai made me realise how densely populated it was. I haven't been to Chennai in the longest of while and I guess the last time I went, I didnt have a window seat. Well this time I did :) And Chennai seems dense but planned. Mom's colleague picked me up from the airport, took me to his home, where his wife made some really yummy dosas for me. I rested there for a while and left for Chennai Airport at 11.00 AM.

Took my boarding pass (lucky enough to get Executive class tickets!!!) and proceeded for immigration check and other formalities. Then boarded IC 557 at 1.25 PM afternoon. The four hour flight was a pleasure..AIR INDIA has in-flight entertainment system so I saw a yucky "De Taali" and a few sitcoms (King of Queens, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai). Appu was there at the airport and we are at her place now (Dont ask me the name...I dont know how to pronounce or spell it as yet, but tomorrow onwards, I think I'll get a hang...right now toooo hungry and tired!! :P)

Kalyan has taken an off tomorrow, Appu has to work. He'll be showing me around the city and the Circuit...cant wait....:D

Will Upload pics real soon.

Will keep you guys updated!! CHEERS!!!

4 Observations:

  1. Priya Joyce said...:

    lovely wow njoy yaar
    haan pics wud luv to see them

  1. aqua gurl said...:

    nice to read smriti...:)
    Have fun in singapore....enjoy

  1. prajyot said...:

    lovely post...have fun in there

  1. awesome pics girl. i hope u get to see your first gran prix :D good flying

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