Failure to Launch??

Firstly, APOLOGIES for being out of action/not checking blogs/not being able to take calls/respond back.

REASONS: A crashed PC, problem with Broadband connection and a minor
health hiccup.

CURRENT STATUS: PC still non-functional, cant seem to set up broadband on mom's laptop (what the hell is error 769...?? All the techie
bloggers, help me out here) and no more health hiccups.

Special apologies to PRASHANTH and HEMANTH. Was asleep most of the time you guys used the mobile network to connect to me. I am "going Nithin"
as far as cellular balance is concerned. Will recharge first thing this
monday and you can expect an "Unexpected call" from moi. :P


Well so the news from my end is I got my visa for Singapore (yay!! It
was so damn hard to get one I tell you :P). I'm leaving on 20th-21st of
September so the next few days would be a little hectic with all the

I would try my best to get my PC fixed before I leave, read as many
blogs as I can, and turn a commentator once again ;) [Using a painfully slow dial-up connection...should give you an idea of how despo I am to connect to you guys!!). Will keep you
guys updated on the preparations and other stuff.

RECENT PREAPARATION UPDATES: I was gonna get something unique for the
race and show my support for Kimi, but I think considering his form, I
think it would be better to keep it low profile. Most of my shopping is
done, a little more left. Of course, last minute shopping is our forte,
aint it? ;)

Chalo, I'll sign off now, considering the unreliable dial-up connection
I'm using. See you all, with interruptions :( :(

P.S. Special note of mention to Priya, Crystal, Anoop, Alok, Aparna and
Vishesh... will be reading all of your blogs...I've seen quite a few
updates from you guys recently...Phew!! :)

Already missing you all!! :( :( Darn! Why does technology have to be
such an addiction!!

15 Observations:

  1. Anonymous said...:

    happy journey smriti...

    and why keep low profile?? maybe ur support is what he needs to pep up his form!! :)

  1. Oh how I wish Vinay...I still have a week to decide on that.... I think I might risk looking like the CRAZY RAIKKONEN FAN there.. ;) What the hell, getting this opportunity for once.. :D

  1. aqua gurl said...:

    have fun smriti, have a gud trip...

    and yes, technology can be addictive( when its all good) and a pain( when it dies all of a sudden)!!!

  1. Priya Joyce said...:

    Njoy the trip my sweeet buddy
    and btw no apologies to me y?

  1. k.ø.c.h.ü said...:

    going nithin?????? grrrrrrrrr


    n 2 Singapore??hmmm...k...return bak soon k...?( hurray smriti is leavin...peace 4 bharat atlast hyeyyyyy)

    n yupp: will miss u dear...!!!!
    fix de connection soon...

  1. k.ø.c.h.ü said...:

    Hey hey 'errr i think i commented long before u reminded me...'
    so what r u gonna bring me from singapore? :-)

  1. k.ø.c.h.ü said...: my greatest luver n greatest reviewer!!! so im my own top commentator...but wat 2 do..
    even there i hav competition, n u won??? he he...actually it's script error wid de widget
    i had noticed it...k...n I AM REMOVING IT... :)))

  1. Anonymous said...:

    hey hai...longtime ..totally understand ur problem with net, mine is troubling me from past 2 weeks...Hope u hav a great time in singapore...cheering kimi....
    may be a grand cheer up change his form for good....!!!
    See u soon on both blog and comments section.....:)
    here in advance
    Bon voyage!

  1. --xh-- said...:

    wow- go and give all the support to Kimi - he needs some cheer up big time... did you see the last race? i was slightly disappointed by his performance :-( hope he makes a great come back in the next four races... I wanna see a podium painted in red :-D

  1. Prashant Sree said...:

    Hey Smriti,

    So u have done your apparition again !! Coooooll... :)

    Nice to hear you goin over to Singapore.,. have lotta fun.,.

    I dunno if you corrected your dearest 769 issue, use this to kill it ;)

    Keep Smiling !

  1. hi ...h ru doin..hope ur health comes bac to u..:)..all the happy journey for ur trip..:)..


  1. Toonfactory said...:

    Hey real cool blog....I think I reached here via Aqua Girl's Blog :)Have a great trip

  1. Alok said...:

    Hey, so somebody is going to rock Singapore soon :)

    You have a great time out there and we are waiting for more updates from your new explorations there.

    - Good Day

  1. Crystal.. said...:

    Happy journey,ha!

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