I'll try Again..

I'm totally against e-books...just dont like them at all. I have my reservations against them. Ashish gave me a link to this free e-books site (I'm not giving you the link...if you want free stuff, ask Ashish) . Out of curiosity, I was looking at all the titles that were available for free, when I came across this book called PANIC AND POETIC JUSTICE. Since I am someone in need of such books, I thought of downloading it (yes yes, go ahead and make judgements).

I found the book really nice (the only book I've ever read on the PC mind you). And I want to thank Ashish (now now Ashu dont get over cloud nine :P) . Here's a poem I really liked in the book. Just wanted to share.

Dedicated to all those with Panic Disorder. You are not alone.

Whenever life is
Hurt and Pain
Vision's blurred by bitter rain
It seems all hurt is surely gone
I tell myself
I must go on
At times I feel such deep despair
The burden more than I can bear
I can't see past another day
But still I must prepare the way
In times of doubt and fainting heart
When from this world I'd chose to part
I know not what the answers are
I must believe they're not too far
Whenever life has got me beat
Before I take the Grand defeat
I'll rise once more amidst the rain
And swear to all
I'll Try

5 Observations:

  1. Siddarth Rai said...:

    Behna, good one. The poem has pointed out the whole concept so briefly:
    Being optimistic always and hoping for the best....

  1. i am very late to comment over here srry smriti ...i am srry...btw..the poem rocks can i post it in my blog to pls...it has a lot of feel...


    P.S: no chating with me thse days wat happen dear...

  1. Priya Joyce said...:

    so now do u thing u shud start liking the e books.

    yupp very good poem I agree wth hemanth.

  1. Nithin Jayan said...:

    against e-books ha...dishum dishum...!!! he he...actually i spend
    my 'blue moons' usin ma mobile...not even de pc hi hi...!!! (btw blue moon days r gettin more frequent these days...went thru chethan bhagat's letest!!!)

    oo....forgot dis is space 2 comment...

    "i'll rise once more amidst the rain
    And swear to all
    I'll Try
    ...yeah dear do try...n i swear if u sponsor ma tickets 2 hyderabad ill b der wid an umbrella 4 ye...wat else r pals 4...!!!

    c'mon cheer up...!!! once u lay waitin 4 de last puff u shud b smilin wid 'Luvly smritis' dan 'gloomy smritis' so dont remain blue 4 long...!!! dat is an order...k?

  1. @Sid

    Thanks for dropping by :)

    Sure da...you can absolutely post it..I hope it reaches out to as many ppl as possible...and i dont see u online these days...where are u?? Our timings are clashing I guess :( talk to u real soon sweetie..

    Na re...I cant sit in front of the PC for hours reading an E-book...nothing beats a good cup of coffee, snuggling up in a blanket and reading...thats how I like it :P

    God bless the doc!! For he brings a smile tomy face everytime...the doc...not god :P ...Orders taken Doc...started execution as well... :)

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