Rahman : JAI HO :) :)

I have been up since 6.30 this morning to watch the Golden Globe Awards on WORLD MOVIES. And Yay, I'm glad that I was up this early.

As of 8.22, the count is 2/4 for Slumdog Millionaire. Simon Beaufoy has won the Best Screenplay Award and our very own AR Rahman has lapped up the Best Original Music score. I must say I didnt know who he was up against, James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer are no small names and to win competing against them is something.

Oh I am so happy happy happpppppyy today. I watched the movie for the nth time last night..guess today I'll watch it again. The music score is just amazing, as is most of Rahman's work. I'm absolutely hooked on to the song "JAI HO" which plays when the credit rolls towards the end. Sukhvinder Singh's voice is magical most times. 

Waiting for the next two awards  for Slumdog i.e Best Movie (Drama) and Best Director. They are yet to be announced. Hope they make it 4/4.

Right now Steven Speilberg is being honoured with the Cecil B DeMille Award. Grrr...Get away from the screen Scorsese and let the other awards roll... :P So exited :P :P


P.S: ANIL KAPOOR looks drunk by the way he is jumping around and shouting. Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto are so composed, they put Kapoor to shame :P :P


PHEW!! Gotta hand over the laptop to mom...she's in a bit of a hurry.  But Yayayayaayaaaaaaay!! :D :D :D

P.S: Shahrukh was there with Freida Pinto... In case you didnt know :) 

Watch it tonite at 8 PM on UTV Movies and World Movies. :) I will :)

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  1. wow.....slumdog fan...I liked the movie a lot.... a cute movie with some exceelent work by the artists...
    and I had written a review on IMDB too...

    but I liked ur spirit to cheer it up

  1. and seeing ur enthusiasm... i think u will hate my review :D


  1. thats some review of the wonderful movie...i loved the movie so much :)..


    u rote a review :P....


  1. loved the movie, but i still think the dark knight was better. any way send me the soundtrack of slumdog millionaire if u have them.

  1. hemu..

    i do write it sometime.... :P

  1. and I gave it only 6 outta 10 with a very pooor remark on it's script :D..and it got an award..lol....

  1. Rajesh said...:

    Yeah it feels gr8 to see GOD get the best original score award..


  1. Renu said...:

    going to watch today:), saw shahrukh in some clippings:)

  1. Rahul said...:

    Am overjoyed that A.R.Rahman got what he's worth..time for him to bag a few Osacrs perhaps...Slumdog rocked !!!!!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    hmmm, sounds to be a brilliant movie. Have to wait now till it gets released here.

    And ya, Thanks for the Post of the Week. I replied to your comment on my post :) Am delighted.

  1. CяystąL said...:

    Didn't see Slumdog "Crorepati"..though I'm waiting fr watching it..:D..
    And giiirl..Rehman is a rockstar! I'm like the biggest lover of his music. And as you said JAI HO AAPKI REHMAAN SAAB! :D..

    PS_Sent you the reply to the email!

  1. aqua gurl said...:

    no telecast here of the awards.....but i'd watch it on youtube this weekend:)

    and the movie too:D:D heard its awesome:)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    I loved the movie for the way it was made, more than the story. I tried to look up your review but unfortunately, cant find it ..send me the link and I'll reserve my opinion on ur review :P

    To be honest, this movie kinda grew on me..and I am what you call, "A HYPE BABY" :P :P The whole Indian actors speaking in english and the slum boy talking in such a heavy brit accent was very unnatural, and at first I didnt like it. Repeated sessions of watching it with family and friends, made me like the movie and eventually fall in love with the soundtrack.

    When I came to know that Rahman was nominated, I really hoped he wins...he deserves credit for every single note he has composed so far (Even Mangal Pandey) :P

    So kindly send me the link to your review..I'll let u know :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Havnt reviewed it...just a ramble of this mornings crazy behaviour on my part :P Yeah I love the movie now too :P

    And you and Sourish going "talk talk" on my blog?? Love it...please continue :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Yeah Dark Knight was a good movie...but in the end, we werent deciding the final list of nominated persons. Every year some deserving movie or actor fails to get due accolades, whats so special about this year?

    I'm just happy for Rahman more than anything...thats why my post title stresses on Rahman and not the movie...everything else is a bonus for me :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    You gave it a 6/10 O_O ..Did u have people screaming at you after that?? :P :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    I was thinking of you when I wrote this blog...The biggest Rahman Fan I know on blogosphere :P :P :)

    He throughly deserves it, isnt it?? Just so happy :)


    Will mail the soundtrack ASAP :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Hope you saw it... :) If you did, can you tell me if Anil Kapoor seemed drunk to you too or was it just me mistaking his over-enthusiasm for inebriation?? O_O

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Thanks for dropping by :)

    And yeah, Rahman deserves it..Kudos!! :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Brilliant movie?? You watch and decide for yourself :) :) (Will wait for the review on that one )

    And about your post being post for the week, I absolutely loved it and felt that more people should read it :) Like I said, I mailed it to my friends on gmail (put up your blog link too :p) Will send u their feedbacks wen I have enough

    And yes, I did see your reply comment to my comment and I forgot to comment. So should I go back and re comment on the comment or this comment enough for the comment?? :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Go watch it in theatres if you can wait a while... I am taking my sis and her friends or going with my friend if she wants to. This.. after watching it like 10 times already :P

    I wanna feel the beats of Rahman's genius in Dolby Stereo :P

    P.S. Saw your mail...replyin to it next :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Watch it in theatres if you can...its a good watch. :)

    And awards....sure thing..Youtube rocks :P :p

  1. Rahul said...:

    I so loved ur blog that I have added it in my blog list..hoping to drop in more often..tc

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Thanks buddy :) I'm following you too :) And needless to say, tryin to blogroll you but google keeps showin some frikkin error :|

    Hopin to blog roll you tonite and then hit the bed...saw some interesting stuff on your blogs that i want to read first thing tomo morning...cheers mate :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    gotta see the movie :)

    BTW AR having best of his life with 4 hits in

    Jane tu

    what more he cud ask for....

    and anil kapoor rocks too..quite an underrated actor!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    hey, hv blogrolled you :)

  1. Renu said...:

    saw the awards till Rehamaan came on the stage>.loved his thanks..such a simple man. after that my H wanted to watch CNBC:(

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wow, Just read your PS under the header... I'm elated Smriti and especially coming from an ardent reader of literature :) And Thanks, I get your message so no need to go and reply there :)

  1. Rahul said...:

    What error? Use http://rahul-bhattacharya.blogspot.com/ as the link to "add Subscription" ..works fine with mine

    I too used Google Reader..but found it inappropriate for blogging (Though I love Google so much) ...coz it doesn't allow to read and comment at the same time..which is why I use the Blog List in my blog..arranging all blog posts reverse chronologically along with a snippet of the post :)

  1. hitch writer said...:

    too many reviews of this film... guess i must watch it too !

  1. Rajesh said...:

    Wow!!! I'm happy that ppl remember me when they write blogs...esp when its abt someone as GREAT as ARR...

    P.S:Part 2 is ready for read. Hope u like it :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I have not seen the movie as yet but I hope it rocks! Well good blow-by blow commentary! Loved reading it:)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Agree on the Anil Kapoor bit..and thanks for the blog roll :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Saw Rahman na?? Enough...what else was there to see...they dnt even have song and dance routines..how boring :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    No problems now...already done :)

  1. SMRITI said...:

    @Hitch Writer

    Yes...do watch..and let us know if you think this is over hyped too :P

  1. SMRITI said...:



    Read and commented part 2 :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Watch it in theatre..if not for anything else, but for the music and cinematic experience :)

  1. http://imdb.com/title/tt1010048/usercomments-282

    here is the IMDB link...


    the movie is lucky to get 6 out of me...coz I hated its script and I so agree with the brit accent english of the Slumboys....that was horrid

  1. Renu said...:

    Now i find them quite boring even on Indian awards..i mean song and dance routinme, but I hope bollywood learns the short thanks from them:)

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