Here comes a little Angel... :)

No I'm not talking about me. :P

I have become the proud bua of a cute cute cute baby girl, who was born to Mona Bhabhi and Nitin Dada, in Lucknow last night i.e. 23rd January 2009.  Hey, now that I have scribbled the date, I think their wedding also took place around the same time two years ago. I am real bad remembering anniversaries...birthdays I dont have a problem (cake milta hai bhai!!! :P)...Hmmm!!

No I haven't yet got a chance to see the baby girl, nor have I had the chance to speak to bro yet, but god knows I am dying to. A few days ago I was reminiscing my conversation with bhabhi and we had discussed that it would be wonderful if its a baby girl. I'd really love to spoil and pamper the little angel. You get the most wonderful girlie clothes these days, unlike the ones we wore as kids. Everytime I go shopping (even window!!!), I see baby girl clothes and they are oh so cute. 

Okay enough of the shoppaholic display. Coming to the baby girl. Like I said, she was born in Lucknow and god knows when I'll be able to see her. I am hoping to get my entrance exams schedule a little sorted out then maybe I can plan a trip to the north...before it gets too warm of course!! So So So So So excited....I was howling in my brother's scrapbook in Orkut and all I could come up with was "Yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". 

So this is from me to you, little baby:

Teeny Tiny little toes
Small and round little nose
A special gift from heaven above
You're a baby we all oh so love
We've longed to see you face to face
And we've prepared a special place
For you little one, the special one
With you around, our worries seem none
We'll watch with delight every step you take
Be with you to correct any mistake you make
Our special journey has now begun
Growing and learning shall be fun
Welcome to this world oh little one!! :)

Also to all the Uncles and Aunties :P!!!
Last but not the least to the Grandparents too, they'll be the happiest ones I am sure :) :) 

P.S: The above picture is not of the baby girl born yesterday....I'm sure you've all figured it out by now...he he he...Smart people!!! :P

25 Observations:

  1. Priya Joyce said...:

    a big congrattz frm me too


  1. sawan said...:

    congrats to u too bua :P

  1. Sam said...:

    congratulations :)

  1. Rakesh said...:

    OMG... She is sooo cute, a picture of pure bliss

    Congratulations to your family Smriti. And we have a saying that goes 'Bua, khaye kua'

    Don't ask me what that means :)

  1. Swats said...:

    Wowwww! Congratulations :)
    Plz post her pix asap :)

  1. Ria said...:

    oh wow!thts gr8 news, congrats girl!! :)

  1. Renu said...:

    A very big congrats to You and the whole family. !I just love little kids:)

  1. Mithe said...:

    Beautiful poetry! All love, hugs and blessings:)

  1. Cяystal said...:

    Congratulations Bua ji! :P..
    Where have you been? takin care of your niece darlin' ?

    You didn't even try the new background! :x

  1. CONGRATS...its a special feeling...doesn't need me to tell that ! [:P]

  1. and i just love the baby pic......

  1. Rajesh said...:

    Nice pic.. Congrats to u too..

    Nice poem u have written.. Nice read


  1. SMRITI said...:

    @ Everyone

    Thank you soooo much :)

    @ Rakesh

    Arre its not the pic of the baby...theek se padha karo :P

  1. Ria said...:

    hey there's something waiting for u on my blog. Do drop by.

  1. wow...

    it's really sweet...


    I need to marry soon :D

  1. Aqua gurl said...:

    sorrie for being so late smriti.....was held up with work....congratsssssssss!!! i guess its one of the best feelings...!!! take care....hope alls gud.!

  1. Cяystal said...:

    You can comment on my current post..silly me forgot to enable comments! :D

  1. Rakesh said...:

    Ooops. My Bad :-0 Can we see the picture now atleast?

  1. joiedevivre said...:

    mujhe toh tumne usi din bata diya tha..yippeeee

    ab toh tu aunty ho gai yaarrr

  1. V. Archana said...:

    thats nice to hear,bua ;)

    btw.. recognised me dear? :)

  1. Shalom said...:

    Congrats!!! Cute poem :)
    And I totally agree about the clothes. Few months ago, we took our niece shopping. Well, she's 7, but still, it was such great fun shopping for her, such incredibly cute clothes to choose from. I seriously thought that selection was better than the adult clothes section ....(sigh) to be a child again!!!

  1. Reflections said...:

    can just imagine how excited u r....she is one lucky baby huh.

    So have u seen her yet??????

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