The Tall and Short of it..

"Lambu ji Lambu ji
Bolo ji Tingu ji"

This isnt about singing the old Big B song in praise of his never-ending controversies. This is about my meeting with probably the most famous male blogger on my blog-roll. Standing  6ft 2 in tall, he is....

*Drum rolls*

Its been quite a while now and I thought Hemz would already have finished writing a mini novel and narrated it to Mini-Hemz by now (In any case Mini Hemz seems to be sleepy all the time :P).

So Hemz was here and as promised I took him out shopping in the stores of Hyderabad and Secunderabad (Mostly Secunderabad). I got intimidated the moment I stood next to him. Why? Wouldn't you be, if you are 5ft 2in tall....A WHOLE FEET SHORTER!! Its like standing in front of the Himalayas. :P ... He insisted we hop on his bike and leave my beloved scooty (which does 60kmph...really I had informed Hemz about my strong disliking for bikes. He offered to get an aeroplane, but I said why create a ruckus. So we stuck to the plan in Bike. Hemz crashed the bike into a Wagon R just about the same time we started. And he tells me that he just realised that brakes arent working. Grrrr. I broke a toe nail and bruised my hand, about which Hemz will come to know right about now :P I know if I tell him, he'd feel all guilty....and after this too, he might feel guilty, but what the heck. Its just a minor issues ;) So Hemz...Chill :)

I took Hemz to various stores and I must tell you, Hemz is very choosy about his clothing and goes inside with a pre-concieved notion about what he wants to buy. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. Good, coz you are a more confident buyer then. Bad, coz if you dont find it, you keep looking through stuff and eventually see the entire store and find just one or two clothes that you like. Hemz had the good and bad of it. I have never ever spent 3 hrs inside one PANTALOONS store ....or for that matter at any store. Thanks to Hemz, this was something new for me in the longest of while. He picked up a few. It was fun. 

We headed off to Dominos around 4.30 evening and we were hungry as hell. Placed the order and sat down to talk with Neha. Such a lively character, I could almost feel the warmth of her persona across the phone. Either that, or Hemz phone's battery was heating up :P ...Just kidding. But it was fun to talk to her finally!! :)  

Hemz also introduced me, on phone of course, to another fellow blogger, Archana, whose blogs I haven't read yet. She had such a sweet voice it was endearing how she got off talking to a complete stranger like me. It was nice talking to her. She dropped me a comment on the previous blog, and as soon as I'm done with Hemz-nama, I'll start reading Archana's :)

Coming to Hemz's driving after the Wagon R took a beating, he didnt try to dare and drive above 30kmph I guess, thanks to my scream that was still reverberating in his ears. Hemz kept asking me if I got bored. Ok now I must admit I was bored like hell at that speed :P :P :P Sorry Hemz :P :P

But it was fun. Found out how none of the clothing impressed me, except for just one "annabelle" top which I loved and which wasnt available in my size (God why does it always happne, you like something so much and it hardly fits you!! :(). I had a good time scolding Hemz on every ridiculous T-shirt he picked up and glad that he went for my suggestions a few times. :P We were so damn tired with the whole shopping business that we almost forgot to click a snap and Hemz remembered before leaving. So please dont get scared if we both look like convicts straight out of Chanchalguda Jail. :P

Cheers everyone..... ;) 

11 Observations:

  1. --xh-- said...:

    nice to know that you both had a nice time...

  1. Rakesh said...:

    Lambuji and Tinguji made interesting reading.

    Keep rocking guys... Cheers

    Btw, you didn't write who paid the bill?

  1. Swats said...:

    blog revamp hua? sahi hai :P :P :P

    ur lil angel is really cute..

    It is very depressing wen u don't get ur size..ask me abt it :P

    Hi to Hemz :)

  1. hahah :P..that was nice way of our trip :)..

    **I broke a toe nail and bruised my hand

    :(..x-(...i am sad and angry u dint tell me abt it till now :(...tupid pellow...

    yeh it was good that we had the shopping together :)..and was sad abt the dress u dint get of ur size..:P...well i dint get many as u know that..:)...

    heheh archana must be happy ur goin to her blog now :)..




    guess who paid the bill :P..hehe..


    hii buddy nice to see ya :)..


  1. Priya Joyce said...:

    lovely post read what Hemanth had to say.and urs too

    found it too good..both point of views r so so differend with urs full of p's wow

    lovely pic re...its not at all horrible

    looks like a classy pic

  1. Ria said...:

    wow!tht must hav been an interesting meeting. :) Good to knw tht u had a gr8 time with each other.

  1. d@r$hi said...:

    hi first of all...and i must say it took me ages to figure out which is ur personal blog than all other finally reached here... :P
    i hope u r happy to see me here..
    i dont think i need to give u any intro right???

    so talking about ur blog ..nice one very well maitained i must say... and yesh .. ur angel is very sweet..but to tell u franckly i get little scared of kids who are so small newly born ones.. no idead why..
    and i would like to say i would hate to go out with 6feet tall guy i would look like a small newborn myself :P... just kidding...

    ill come back soon..take care

  1. joiedevivre said...:

    ohhh wat a sweeet template yaarr
    ..huh beta mere bina party kiya hai tmne ab tum dekho milo zara tum dono...dekh lungi tumko

    hehe anyways ab hemzz ke sath bike pe ladkiya sawdhani se baithe..hehe

  1. V. Archana said...:

    that was good smriti. :)
    That shows how bad Hemz bond is at riding a bike. ;) (are u reading this,hemanth?) :P

    sure smriti, u r most welcome 2 my blogs,but currently its only the talking my thoughts blog that updated very often. since eggjams r round the corner :)

    anyways,good luck! :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

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  1. Anonymous said...:

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