Picture Tag and Hi-25

A lot of tags going around here...


 MY Blog mother Renu tagged me for a picture tag. 


Pick the 6th picture of your 6th photo folder.
Tell a story around it.
Pass it on to six other people you like.

Here goes:

Well this is a picture of me taken when I was a two year old. It was taken by photographers of an ad agency. It was basically to select a child for Apollo Hospital's advertisement. I was chosen and I featured in this ad of Apollo Hospital dated 22 December, 1988.

Not much story to revolve around this picture. As a pre-teen, I wanted to be fair skinned and beautiful like the fair and lovely ad girls. I dont remember where the notion was fed into me that fair is beautiful. My dadi used to say I was born fair but the over-exposure to sun completely ruined my appearance. I was hurt by it and for the longest of time I thought I was an ugly duckling. I wanted to be a beautiful swan. One day my aunt told me that I had appeared in an ad for Apollo Hospitals... My joy knew no bounds. Even if I had been 2 years old, the fact that I was in an ad just made me feel beautiful for that moment. I was happy. Years have passed and now beauty has a very different definition in my books -- far more greater than outward appearances. :)


This tag is everywhere. Facebook, blogs...you name it. Read too many this week and it feels like I've been reading the autobiographies of my fellow bloggers. Rakesh calls it the truth serum. Well I've been injected, the executors being ShalomNancy and My Space...here goes:

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more 

1. I Cry when I'm extremely hungry. I wouldnt need to say a word....for some reason I have never been able to indicate verbally that I'm hungry. And its always via the boo-hoo-hoo network. Best time to see this event : Weddings in the family. Since we are all supposed to be making arrangements and nobody is supposed to feel hungry, the tears are a good indication. I get irritable and hungry and then there's a comment : "Dolly ko bhook lagi hai...koi khaana leke aao re..." :|

2. I counted. I have 39 dozen bangles in 3 different boxes in my room. That is 39*12=468. How many times a year do I wear them?? Rarely...and when I do, its more than a dozen on both hands every time.... I'm a walking bangle shop at times, but I dont care...I like it :P

3.  I dance when I'm cooking. I'm not a great dancer like Diva, or my family members, but I dont like to stand at one place and cook. I roam around the entire ground floor, through the dining area into the sitting room and back to the kitchen, in different yet clumsy movements, with
 amused faces of my sister and mom fixed upon me through all the "latke-jhatkes"

4. Sometimes when I am really in a mood to shower my love on my parents, I start referring to them as "Pitashri" and "Matashri" and try to talk in "Shudh-Hindi"...often citing dialogues from "Chupke Chupke".

5. I love cheese. I eat maggie coz I love grated cheese on it. My sis says I've been bloating coz of all the cheese...but I dont care...I love cheese :P

6. I Should have a restraining order every month after a few visits to a book store. Odyssey at Vikrampuri better start giving me good discount. I have no control over my book buying. I enter
 into a book store and I HAVE TO BUY a book. It feels like a crime to enter and not pick up something to read. I purchased 11 books in the last 25 days...and I have no clue when I am going to read them...refer my book blog for the books on my shelf. 

7. I cannot tolerate spice. I eat the slightest of  spicy food and the bathroom is my vacation home for the night....and there are frequent food disasters and stomach troubles that I have a song for it too : "Mummy Mummy, I Got trouble in my Tummy"!! :P 

8. My all time favourite movie is LAMHE. Not many people know this, coz I always talk about "Chupke Chupke" or "Philadelphia"... But I absolutely love LAMHE.

9. I am obsessed with the color Lavendor. My room, my bedsheets, the curtains in my room....all Lavendor. I added more drapes to my room a few days ago, a lil shade of pinkish purples and lavendor. My sister now looks at the room and goes : It looks like a "Kotha"!! :|

10. I have too many perfumes which I hardly use. I love Deos....No I dont stink..yet :P My favourite is JOVAN WHITE MUSK. A few months ago it was priced at Rs 168. It was hard to find it at super markets and Health n Glow outlets. When I did manage to locate one, I said I'll
 stock it up coz I might not find it again. The Price had gone up to Rs.265. I came back home with just one :(

11.  I constantly want to keep re-arranging the furniture ....and also purge the old ones for new ones. Mom says I can do anything with the house when I start earning...yet she keeps asking me again and again for changes. So decision for the home decor is my area.

12. I have always had things easy. I always get what I want. I feel guilty that I shouldn't be this way but I always end up doing the thing I dont want to do. I always think of cutting up my credit cards and throwing them away but then Papa says not to do so...and I always go on a spending spree....I need some control.

13. I like White wine. If mom reads this , which she does at office sometimes, she'll know that I've tasted liquor most of the days of my stay at Singapore. And I made a crazy call to a certain someone. Vowed not to take drinks for the rest of my stay there... Took it once in front of my mom ...with her permission. Next time I wanted to take drinks at a party, she gave me a look and said: "Koi Nahi". :P

14. I rode a bi-cycle for the first time when I was in class 10. Before that I always used to ride a tricycle I had... :P I know...sounds funny. Then I graduated to the scooty directly after trying the cycle for like 3 times.

15. I have never travelled in an RTC bus in any place in India. I've only gone for school trips in school buses and a trip to Goa from school in a tour-guide-operated bus. Planning to get onto a Hyderabad local bus before my 23rd Birthday.

16. I absolutely hate recieving show-peices as gifts. I love cards....and books....and Ferrero Rocher. I'd rather have it "NO GIFTS" rather than such things. 

17. I am terrified of Deep Waters....Rivers, Seas, Oceans or even wells. I used to think that I might have drowned to my death in a previous life and that's why I have this phobia. That is one reason why I havent learnt swimming. But since the summer is already here and I might be leaving Hyderabad in  a few months, I think I must finally learn.
18. I love Ginger Garlic paste. I Like to use it in most dishes I cook....salty ones of course. 

19. I used to be in love with Ajay Devgan when I saw Phool aur Kaante. I used to go around singing "Maine Pyaar tumhi se kiya hai" and used to think Madhu is gorgeous and wanted to be like her. I saw the song today while flipping channels and wanted to kill the  makers and music composers of the movie.

20. I used to crack stupid jokes in order to get people to like me... and it usually worked. Sigh, I think I've lost all that now :P

21. I miss my Dadi more than anyone else in the world. Mom was cleaning out her closet a few days ago and found the wedding "Chunari" that Dadi put on her while she was getting married. I knicked it from her and let it be known that I want it over my head when I get married. And I had a lump in my throat. I know I am a bit too sentimental.

22. I get seriously annoyed by people who think that only their opinion matters and that they know everything in the world. I used to flow into such rage as a kid, I used to tell mom that I will seriously insult someone some day. And I did...and it didnt feel great. I've learnt to control my temper ever since. These days I get annoyed by communal talk. And I hate it when people say "so and so celebrity belongs to our caste/community/region". 

23. I think I am super-addicted to blogging and I am fiercely protective of my blogger buddies. I eat my mom's head talking about posts written by Kochu, Jiggy, Rakesh, Nancy, my space, Hemz, Vinay (who is bookmarked for mom's reading). One day on our way back home papa said something about blog-world being "stupid bakwaas" and I almost had an arguement with him.  I controlled it at that moment but I came back home and cried coz I couldnt defend my blog-buds.

24. I spend a lot of time talking to mom and sis. I do not talk so much with Papa. I'm not scared of him, though I used to be as a kid. But I love my dad toooooooo much. I sometimes dont like things he says and frequently get annoyed with him for smallest of reasons. But I love him the most. I Love you Papa....I've never told you this. Today I am saying it for the first time. I hope we learn to be a little more informal.

25.  Finally, I want to become a good writer some day. I cannot use big words, I do not understand big words. But I think I am a fairly emotional person (understatement...VERY EMOTIONAL) and I think I write from my heart. I just want to write something beautiful for which I am remembered by millions and millions of people. :)


For both the tags, I tag anyone who hasnt taken up these yet and who'd want to try. Happy Blogging :)

53 Observations:

  1. arrre waah tum toh bachpan se hi heroiniya thi :P

    waise beauty for me is also not being fair and beatiful may be as I m niether fair nor beautiful too :P

    kinnda angoor khatte hai wala concept :D

    but I regard sweetness of a person far more than the outer shell of him or her..... personal opinion..and may differ :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Haan ji...autographwa chaahiye?? Aur soch teri to heroiniya driver rehne waali hai :D :P :D

    I agree with you on beauty...it is more inwardly than the outer one..

    Waise aajkal blog par pehle comments kaafi maar raha hai...bahut free hai kya?? :P

  1. Shalom said...:

    Cute pic!!! Now you can say you're a model / writer!!!

    Ok, now about the similarities: I too have a lot of traditional desi bangles, haven't counted so I don't know how many, but when the occassion calls for a sari / salwar, I can come up with a matching set. Sadly, such occassions are few & far between :(
    And I also loooove cheese.....I think its fabulous. I have tried a few varieties, but my fave is still the seedha saadha cheddar cheese!

  1. sawan said...:

    "stay at hyderabad" and "cannot tolerate spice" dsnt go hand in had. does it?? :P

  1. sawan said...:

    how bout takin up the career of interior designing?? :P

  1. sawan said...:

    happy journey in hyderabad RTC!! a trip from linganmally to secunderabad once took not less than 150 minutes, thnx for the traffic and the speed of the bus :P

  1. sawan said...:

    finally.. i learned 25 new things about u :P [or did i?] :P

  1. sawan said...:

    btw, u said u wud be leavin hyd in a few months, but why?? :(

  1. hadd hai comment pehle maaro toh log nithalle samjhte hai...

    jaa kal se main nhi mara pehle :P

  1. Reflections said...:

    Smrithi U look sho shweet in that ad......a piece of treasure which is going to be carefully preserved to show ur kids huh:-D

    I loved Lamhe too & cdn't understand why others didnt take to it:-S

    And the lavender color is ok but I love the smell more.

    LOL @ Ajay Devgan & Phool aur kaante

    And Pitashree/Matashree, Ammijaaan/Abbajaan
    Baba/ Maaa
    used to happen in our house according to the popular serial going on during those days:-D

    And not the least ur 25th point is touching.....esp the big words part of it[more so coz I can relate to it]:-)).

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Lol@pt no 19

    grated cheese on Maggie???????

    my father feels the same abt blogging :(

    do u cook? thts brilliant

    and Renu is my blog mother too :P

    thoroughly enjoyed reading the post :)

  1. Vee said...:

    A very long post.... :)

    Pheewww., M drained.. so many bangles? but anyways women always but something they rarely use.. :)

    I love all those . Chupke Chupke, Lamhe and Philadelphia.. Springsteen's streets of Philadelphia is a lovely number..

  1. Ria said...:

    wow!so u were a model b4 u even knew wht does it mean to be one. Cool yaar!and hey i just finished tht tag. I think its all over the place. :) Felt good to knw u better!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    cute pic ...

    cooking, being happy fr cooking, angles, buying books just on impulse, blogging... some of the passions i share wd u... good to know a bit of u :)

  1. Aqua gurl said...:

    i'll comment on this tom:D:D

  1. V. Archana said...:

    whooaa... thats a lot i got to know abt u.Anyways,thats a very cute pics of urs. :)

  1. Renu said...:

    hey My blog daughter is cho shweet:), really looking very cute and adorable ! and I always believe that beauty is what you have inside not outside.
    now thes 25 things we are quite similar..
    2--I have many boxes full of bangles, I must have them in all the colors bangles also and then kada also:)
    7-even I cant take any spice.
    10-I had one bottle of Jovan musk with me, had I knwn earlier , i would havent opened it:)
    12--thats really sweet.
    16..even i tell my children dont get me any other chocolate excet ferrero roche, they will say ..Lindt is good,toblerone is good but for me a big no...
    17- and i am aslo very scared of water.

  1. abhishek said...:

    arey sahi paper shaper me bhi photo aa gayi tumhari...autograph milega ma'am

    ven u ver talking about inner beauty ...u meant beautiful pancreas,liver,lungs etc. isn't it? :P

    fighting for blog buddies...u r a sentimental fool.

  1. Rahul said...:

    great post Smriti!! cool to know so many facts about you and ur celebrity childhood :P ...great template too, nice choice of colors..I feel am talking to Scarlett Johansson :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    I wish I could write that in my resume :P

    And I love Cheddar Cheese too...I dont really understand the fuss around Mozzarella :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Looks like someone paid a lot of attention my my blog...I am honoured :)

    I know those two statements dont go hand in hand ...but kya karein...I'm Maggie tomato ketchup... different :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Interior designing..? Sure..If it involves moving furniture only.. :P Want me to take up ur home as my first project? :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    I dont think I will sit more than 15 mins if that's the case :P

    And yes you did learn 25 new things about me

    And leaving hyderabad mostly if I get into a good college for further studies...sick and tired of this place... :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Arrerere tu to feel ho gaya!! :( Achha baba nahi bolti aisa fir se...chal ab hamesha first comment maar tu hi :P...kar diya kar comments ka shree-ganesh :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Yeah..hopefully :P

    Lamhe was such a beautiful movie...even I dont understand why people dont like it and far too many people havent even heard of it. Each performance in the movie was brilliant and Memorable.

  1. SMRITI said...:


    eh?? Why is everyone making fun of me on point 19?? Everyone had their silly crushes right?? :P

    Never tried grated cheese on Maggie?? TRY IT...achha lage to tell me...achha nahi lage to.. batana hai to bata dena, nahi bataogi to bhi chalega :P

    I am the official "cooker" at home these days :P aajkal khaane mein namak thoda zyaada pad raha hai otherwise I am a decent cook :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    If Renu is ur blog mother too, then we are blog-world-mein-bichhdi-do-not-look-alike-judwa-sisters na??

    Behnaaaaaaaaa!!! :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Haan post to lamba hota hi..did 2 tags at once na :(

    Yeah, about women having something they hardly use...no arguments...I know its true :P

    Streets of Philadelphia is an amazing number...something about is just so peaceful and soothing...

  1. SMRITI said...:


    One time model... :P I loved reading ur tag too...as I said, You are unique :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Yaaay.... I share something with the most amazing Naisaiku writer I've come across on blogosphere... Nice to know that :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Take your time :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    :) Thanks sweetie...I hope u take up that tag too...or if u've done it already, do tell me.. I wanna know more about u too :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Hugs to my blog mother :) And I cant believe we have those similarities... now I can say Like blog mother, like blog daughter... :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Haan ji milega :P

    Yes I agree I am a sentimental fool...thank u... tere liye bhi ladoongi...bol kab aaoon? :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Thanks da :) Celebrity childhood..not really :) Scarlett Johansson... :) :) :)

  1. cute pic :)...nice tag :)..


  1. sawan said...:

    some one doesnt like hyderabad and is moving out of the city.. how do i expect her to design my house?? :P

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Model??? Wah wah, kya baat hai? And very honest 25 list! I'm amazed how this 25 list reveals a lot more personality than one would imagine.

    I mean, even the way one chooses to reveal things tells you a lot about the person.

    But crying while hungry? OmG, you're just like my niece Hayaa (On my other blog);
    Room like a Kotha is interesting :P
    And even I love buying show pieces as gifts. But I guess, whoever knows you wouldn't think twice if he's thinking of a gift. It has to be a book.
    "I get seriously annoyed by people who think that only their opinion matters and that they know everything in the world". Well, I think, I'm one of those people :)

    As usual, very personal post Smriti!

  1. aqua gurl said...:

    ahh back back.....had exams all week:( one more next wedns:(

    i loved the tag.....!!! will do it soon:)

    same pinch.....lol scared of deep waters....infact i hate anything to do with water...i am addicted to bloggin too:P

    i love my nani more than anything in the world:D:D:D

    i like you said so many things about urself so bindass, mast mast!!

    Keep the same spirit gurl:)

    god bless and loads of love,

    gimme a shout if anything:)


  1. Diva said...:

    As usual... many similarities b/w us once again :) :) and my mention in the blog that make me happy as always:) :) ....

    I also dance around the home, all day, all the time... and luckily, we did dance together once in school to that 'piya se milke aaye nain' song :P :P rem??

    And bangles are addictive!!!...rem i told u abt my recent trip to charminar.. even i ended up gettin bangles of colours that i dont even hav dresses to wear with!! :P

    I love white wine too... Its my usual drink when am out with frens... and i like ferrero rocher... love maggi with cheese/butter and not to forget, i love JOVAN WHITE MUSK tooo... i dont like buying perfumes but love to get them as gifts
    I think books are the best gifts though, after perfumes :P... and Lamhe was a fave movie for both of us during school time
    :):) I rem we singing the 'Morni baga mein' song quite a few times together....
    And last bt nt the least.. I was the official ugly duckling of the school!!!!
    You have always been the pretty one and u shall always be :) :) from inside and the outside!!!! :D

  1. Diva said...:

    P.S: I used to love Ajay Devgan too.... But more bcos of the movie Vijaypath i think.... I was crrrrrrrraaaaaaaazy abt him in the song 'Raah mein unse mulakat ho gayi' O_O O_O :( :P

  1. Anonymous said...:

    @ur pic...
    ur chweet dear, nice story...

    good to know more abt u smriti...!
    good randomness!

    ps: i'm not that good yet, that u shd stop coming to my blog n reviewing! ur views are always valuable!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    haha that song abt ajay devgan was hillarious :)

    i to laughed out of control...

    ur words sound magic, no doubt they r blissful and wonderful...

    25 good points abt u :)

  1. Pata hai whenever I read your posts/chat with you....you always remind me of Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met...the first half waali Kareena Kapoor....
    main bhi kisi zamaane mein first half waali KK ka male version hua karta tha...ab second half waali KK ka male version ho gaya hoon...:(
    But absolutely loved reading the post....'Your room looks like a Kotha'...lolzzzzzzzzz....that was hilarious.....
    and was touched to read how much you value your blog buddies....**hugs** and plz remain like this :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Thank you thank you...and welcome back :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Still have time before I go... :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    :) hehehehe :) :) aur kya boloon?? :) :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    You are a sweetheart :)

    Hugs >:D<

  1. SMRITI said...:


    LOOOOOVEEEEE YOU!!!! :) :) :)

    >:D< >:D< >:D<

  1. SMRITI said...:


    I do visit ur blog... I swear, I have not been able to comment...at loss of words...Hopefully find them again and start recommenting... Thanks for dropping by da :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Shukriya ji :)

    Aur hassne ki kya baat hai ?? :P Uss umar mein to Amrish puri par bhi crush hota to koi badi baat nahi thi :P

    Mogambo khush huwa hoyinga :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Arre waah... Tussi to beemar mareez mein jaan daal diye ji :) Thank u thank u...waise tu koi KK ka second half male version nahi hai aur main KK ka first half version nahi hoon... hum dono original pieces hai...wada paav due waale....aur haan KOTHA waala part...photu dikhaungi, tab tu hi decide karna... I think my sister is "J" :P

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

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