What the....

102 degrees... cough cough cough.....aaaacchhhoooo!!

Thats been me for the past 4 days. Today 2 degrees lesser but cough cough cough and aaaacchhoooo....FULL ON!!

Just trying to keep it short here. Trying to write as much my mind is willing to write. But given my habit of writing in detail, no guarantees. 

Alankar called me up today and tells me "You sound like Kishore Kumar". I say, make me say another sentence and I might just start sounding like Bappi Lahiri. Yeah he'll like that!! :P

Was asleep all of Saturday. Record. Have not done that in...I dunno...since the first few days of my life on this earth. Have had a total of 4 meals in the last 4 days but have managed to drink up an ocean almost...dont ask me which one....I'll tell you about it when another glacier melts at the pole.

Been trying to read posts and comment on as many as possible. Have commented on few and left apologies on many. (Rakesh and Jiggy....yaar concession de do....heavy heavy posts hai aap logo ke... :p)

Finished reading MY REVOLUTIONS by Hari Kunzru and now on to THE READER by Bernhard Schlink. I also got TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE by Mitch Albom, so Hemz, you will have to get me something else...just couldnt resist picking it up :)

Cough Cough... Was watching some soap on TV with mom and commenting something a while ago.... realised with this kind of voice I should shut up for the time being. Its a scene where someone has died and I am trying to make a smart-ass comment but end up sounding like I am crying myself. So...husssshhh!! 

Murthy Uncle was here to see me in the evening, advising me on the medicines I should take...and return a few DVDs he had borrowed. Gave me a crash course on alcohol I can take and in what quantity (in limit!!). If only Mom and Dad were around when he was giving me those lessons, I would have loved to see their reaction :P Murthy Uncle is very nice by the way...very very cool. I hear Rum is good for cold, isnt it...what say mom?? :P [In MY head, I can already hear her say: "ladki haath se nikal gayi hai" :P]

Yesterday's newspaper had a picture of Kylie Minogue and Akki Baby, posing for some movie they are shooting..BLUE I think thats what its named. Kylie's smile suddenly made me aware I have bunny teeth like hers... Well I know I have bunny teeth, I brush and notice them everyday. Havent thought about it lately, coz I have gotten used to getting my pics taken with my mouth shut. Someone tell me how to have a gorgeous smile  like Kylie's with Bunny teeth like mine... I'd like to do a little HAPPYDENT WHITE promotion myself, thank you very much.

Cough Cough...another bout.

Have to replace D-COLD TOTAL in the medicine cabinet first thing tomorrow morning. Just noticed I ran out of it. I'm still a little weak, though I can drive up to the pharmacy, thank you very much. :) 

Vinay, I am still reading....just not commenting....I am running out of adjectives to describe your talent, you are just awesome!! I can do a re-run of adjectives if you like...But I assure you, I am still reading :)

Nancy's post today made me realise how much I love Diva....and also hate her.....but Love her more....god!! Grrrr ... :P Wanted to call, but as usual, too lazy to do that. Did I mention in the 25 things that I hardly make calls....I take them mostly...I'm not a phone person...haan if Diva calls, I always have a conversation....otherwise its...errr...ummm...what else? Nik knows it. We have been friends since I dont know when and on Shivratri we spoke on the phone for like 1.5 hours for the first time. BIIIIIG feat for the two of us. 

Kochu, PJ are missing from action. I was gonna say the same about Anoop but he just came back and blogged...so, welcome back Anoop. :) 
Mithe, still have to read the conclusion of the story. 
Aditi, I hope more people are reading your wonderful blog.
Pratibha, one talented Naisaiku writer... absolutely loving your blogs lately.
Nikhil, your post made me laugh so much...I dont want to think about it. I still am giggling.
Sam...ho kya raha hai??? Bahut romantic posts chal rahe hai aajkal?? ;)
Blog Mum Renu, just wanted to give you a hug >:D<
Swats, Like the pic in the hat...looking cool :) And wonderful new post too!!
Val...still have to read ur 25 random habits..will comment soon.
Ria... I saw a pic of Beyonce today and it reminded me of you...I swear!! O_O
Anil, given any thoughts to the home decor yet?? ;)
Shalom... Thank god I am not the only person who loves cheese :)
Vee, Dostana was nominated for best picture at FILMFARE?? o_o BULL!! What is happening? 
Rahul, hope practicals went well.
Neha...beta thoda to simple language mein likh diya kar!! :( 
Rajesh, where have you gone?? ARR And Shreya, all winning awards :)

And I was thinking I can finally rest...my mind was constantly thinking of things to write and blogs to visit!! 

Chalo Chalo bahut ho gaya...already coughing too much and going sniff sniff sniff. Will be back in action soon. Tab tak miss mat karna!! 


P.S-- Sourish....chal ab fir se first comment maar ;)

P.P.S --- Mummy, font theek hai ab?? Now dont come back home and tell, "Yeh kya bakwaas likha hai!!" :P 

17 Observations:

  1. Sam said...:

    hey smrtizie, yeh kya haal bana rakha hai :) kuch leti kyu nahi....coldarin ya humdard ka tonic cinkara :))

    i remember this funny ad in 80s when the guy took cinkara and broke window panes to ensure he was fit again :)

    ahh u dont have to do nethin of that sort...just get well soon and eat healthy!!

    get well soon dear!!

  1. Vee said...:

    Seriously, don't know wot's happening. And to think of it, 'A Wednesday' did not win for best Actor and Direction.. WTF..

    Our nominations are ready and should be live in couple of days inshallah.

    U know wot.. Brandy is actually good for cough.. .;) (gayee ladki haath se... hahahaha)

  1. well when i spoke to u last evenin for more then 2hrs ur voice dint seem like kishore or bappi..

    but i think with that caugh and cold u dont have to blog abt it ...well i know another good book which u wud love...so i will get u that soon :)..tc ...dont stress ur self..


  1. --xh-- said...:

    wow, what a detailed post... if this is what fever does, i dont mind getting attacked by fever for a day or two :)

    and yeah, when you take rum, add some pepper into it - it is good for cold :)

    get well soon, having fever and cold is no fun :|

  1. V. Archana said...:

    ahhhaa... acchhaa likha hai, inspite of sadri...zukaam.

    and..i was looking in for my name too... mmm... nahi hai :(
    just kidding :)

  1. Rakesh said...:

    Now I know why your dad says that blogs are crazy. I think he just reads yours... he he.

    Btw, never mind, don't pressurise yourself to read blogs and drop comments. Read it only if something interests you :)

    And ya, as vee said, Brandy is good for a cold. try just a spoon mixed with honey.

  1. Pretty Me!! said...:

    Get Well really soon !!!! no acchoo acchhoo from u .. and thanks for mentioning me ... i am glad you like my writes .. also .. "tuesdays with morrie" is a real gem !! njy reading :D

    ps: i envy the sleep u r getting though ;)

  1. Renu said...:

    Get well soon my dear daughter ! and take care !

  1. MultiMenon said...:

    awwwwwwwwwwww....Das sooo soo bad..I wish I had a bout of fever rite now,so tht I cud bunk a few days of cls,labs n give my mind sum REST.. :p

    Transfer wuda been cool and ll love u if u ll do me tht favour rite now.. :P alas!! :(

    Anyways,nice to see tht my posts still makes u giggle.Kno wot?I have finally started..!!Yay!! :D

    And btw,ur takin the rite medicines and I ve heard rum is good too,friends say..Me,a nice guy u see..!!? :P

    Get well soon dearie,ur post made me smile..Reiterates how much of a wonderful soul u really are.. :)

    Take care n get well soon.. :)

    Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...(I srsly want tht fever now.. :p)


  1. Ashish Surana said...:

    Take care of your self...I didnt know abt your health..!!

    BTW I missed my name in the list of bloggers...!!! :P

  1. Reflections said...:

    LOL Smriti....this post is the called the height of joblessness:-D
    But what the heck.....it is a damned good post.
    Enjoyed reading it:-D!!!!!!!!

    Tek care....get well soon. Since its cough I'd say go straight away to the doc...they dont go away without a course of antibiotics.

  1. Rahul said...:

    It seems u really love the blogging world and writing as well...nice to see ur genius portraying itself in all odds :D ...Keep blogging if it makes u feel good and helps ur mind to be relieved from the fever !!

  1. aqua gurl said...:

    sick hoke bhi itna stamina, itna accha post likh diya....!!!

    yeah my post is waiting for your comment, but only when you get totally well, take good care.

    PS- get some rest, relax:), i loved this post coz of its randomness.


  1. Swats said...:

    heyyyyy..wish u a speedy recovery..
    pls take rest..don't stress urself..blogging baad mein ho jaygi..

    and tx fr all the kind words, Smriti :)


  1. chal bey inna vella nhi hoon main... :P
    fst mein commnet maroo...
    u kno I m a bizzi man :D

    jaldi thik ho jao..and dher saare wishes n kisses... get well soon..aur sunna chupke se daroo maar le ek dum changi ho jayegi .....

  1. aqua gurl said...:

    @ ur comment smrits:)

    sorrie but i cudnt resist replying:)

    Yeah number 7, cud bet any day:)

    and ur bday is on the 3rd of may,,,,,wowowow......very nice, i promise i wont forget:)

    hope ur feeling better now:)

    just wrote an exam today, and the feeling is awesome:)

    loads of love:)

  1. Ria said...:

    Its so sweet of u tht despite being in such a bad state, u wrote such sweet things about all of us! :) Thanks for saying tht babe! And hope u get well soon...till then take care.

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