Main Bhi Jennifer Aniston :P

A few days ago when I was reading the newspaper, and before Obama was sworn in as President, there was this report about the Indonesian Photographer Ilham Anas, who resembled Obama. That got me wondering, was there anyone else who I resembled....or who resembled me. In school, juniors teased me a few times calling me Rani Mukherjee when I had problems with sore throat. Rani wasn't such a big star then so I guess it was easier to compare her and me. There was this junior girl Sushmita, who they used to say looks like me. I used to get so irritated with all the comparisons. I was like "I dont look like anyone and no one looks like me. I'm me!!"

Off late there has been a spate of news reports about celebrity look-alikes and I was wondering how many more such people exist who look like someone or the other. Even if not celebrities, two completely unrelated people might just look so similar. What does that have to say about the complexities of human beings.

Anyways, I found this on Ria's blog and lapped up the opportunity to check out who my celebrity look alikes were. I must admit now that I tried out 2 photos and settled for this one. Not that I have problems having male look alikes - I mean Federer, Roddick, Hugh Grant, Tony Blair, Jake Gyllenhal...I have some real pretty male faces you know :P 

You can check out who your look alike is and let us all know, if you wish to. Meanwhile I'll put up the other pic and the look alikes on the side check them out :P

14 Observations:

  1. --xh-- said...:

    :) this is fun.. have done this one some time back...

  1. They said to me....

    who the f**k are u to match up wid celebrities..u stupid moron :O..

    ek toh match bhi nhi diya aur mujhe daant bhi padi :|


  1. i thought of doin it and u have done more fast :p..heheh...


  1. joiedevivre said...:

    aare meri jennifer aniston to tu hi hai

  1. Swats said...:

    Sounds fun..I'll try it out...

    Jennifer Aniston really looks like you :P

  1. Cяystal said...:

    Arey meri jaan..Ms.Jennifer Aniston? :P..
    I did this loong time back..mines was MANDY MOORE! :D

  1. Rakesh said...:

    Yeah you know, tom cruise also did this test and the website told him, he looks like me :P

  1. good haiji :)

    she rocked in friends :)

  1. Happy Birthday to aqua :)..


  1. Ria said...:

    happy b'day to Aqua!! and hey the male look alikes were more interesting than the female ones. :P ;) Jus kidding!!

  1. Renu said...:

    good fun:) and you have changed the template, seems to me the seson of changing templates:), nice colors :), will see u in hyderabad and then tell u:)

  1. Diva said...:

    Abey oh... u forgot that teachers used to think u n me look alike before you got that haircut(when we both had same hairlength n used to tie ribbons) :( :(..
    It was only after ur new haircut that ppl started saying u looked like Sushmitha!!!!

    Bad Memory!!!!! :-x

  1. Shalom said...:

    Hey that's a nice pic of you!!! And I remember reading somewhere & later seeing in the Akki-Salman-Preity starrer Jaaneman, that for every person, somewhere in the world, there are 7 others who look similar!!!

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