Singapore Revisited

A few of my friends have been ranting on for a really long time about showing them pics from my Singapore Trip...anything except the Race Track. Here are a random collection of pics that I liked from the trip. A picture is worth a 1000 words eh?? Still gonna write about these :P ..Sankranti Blog in a day or two... :P 

Appu and me...I look Drunk...I know  :P

Appu was about to Kill Kalyan when he was taking this..I think she'll Kill me for putting this up :P
Nice na?? This one was Near Clark Quay Station. Kalyan was the photographer for the evening :P
Just put it up for fun...Me and Kalyan were discussing that we looked like characters out of ZEE HORROR SHOW Season 200th
The background didnt come the way we wanted it but I still Like this one :)
Appu and me ...Dont ask what this is all about :P

Again the goof up on the background...still like it :P

This for those who didnt believe me when I said there was a SUCH A STATION :P

Nice decorations na??? This was one month before Deepavali though ...Little India.

How do you expect me not to include F1 when in fact I went to Singapore only for that ... :P

I hope no more complaints :P..For those who want to see other pics from my Singapore trip, Please go to 


:) :) :)

23 Observations:

  1. sawan said...:

    wow... looks like u had a bash!! i so envy u :P

  1. Rajesh said...:

    Hope u had a nice time...good pics !!! :)

  1. singapore...

    mujhe bhi jana hai :'(

  1. Rakesh said...:

    Mujhe bhi... mujhe bhi...

    Nice pics :) And did you go to Singapore only for F1? You really are a crazy fan aren't u?

  1. CяystąL said...:

    Wowwwieee!!..humara school trip organize ho rahi Egypt ke planning to go thr! :D..
    but singapore sounds great!..:D>.but Dhobi GHAT? LMAO!

  1. aqua gurl said...:

    loved the pics..... Singapore looks like a nice place to visit....hopefully i'll visit it someday:D:D

  1. Diva said...:

    shameless... mere ko bhi leke jaana tha na :P :P ,... Akele akele u went!!!! :/

  1. Leo said...:

    nice pics smrithi...!! :)

    but i tht u were ferrari fan..! not renault...! :D

  1. Alok said...:


    I'd so like to go to these places one day.

  1. SMRITI said...:

    @Anil part was when I got to roam alone in the envy please :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Thanks :) Yeah had a good time

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Chal chalte hai next year grand prix...kya bolta hai??

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Tum bhi tum bhi :)

    Yeah went only to witness the first ever night race in F1 history...had the best time of my life...esp coz i went alone first time. :)


  1. SMRITI said...:


    EGYPT?? WOWOW!!! Main bhi aa jaaun?? I wud love to go there :)

    Yeah I cudnt stop laughing at the station that day :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Yeah...its a good place for visiting...esp if you love eating and shopping :)

  1. SMRITI said...:


    I asked you to make arrangements and come...tu hi nahi aayi..not my fault...I was travelling free...and obv u cant marry me to come... :P

  1. SMRITI said...:


    I am a KIMI FAN...wherever he goes, I shift loyalty :P

    And I couldnt find the ferrari car..I was too late and they had removed it by then :(

  1. SMRITI said...:


    Thanks for dropping by ..and hope your wish is granted :)

  1. Swats said...:

    Nice pix
    and Appu is such a cute name :P

  1. Mithe said...:

    Wow! you been to singapore-its one of my dream destinaions-I confess I am guilty-a wee bit jealous(lolz-just kidding). I know from the pics that you enjoyed-lovely! Wish you many more such glorious moments!

  1. Nice pics!Looks like you had a great time :)

    Happy weekend!

  1. Bedazzled said...:

    landed here blog hopping .. nice pics ..i loove singapore too !!

  1. Shalom said...:

    I'd been there years ago & the first thing that blew me away straight out the airport was how vividly green it was!!! Gorgeous landscaping throughout the roads and all in the greenest green I'd ever seen.

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