Hates placements!

Not that they mattered to me. I knew from the minute I stepped into ACJ that there was little chance of me walking out with a job. Always knew I'd have to fend for myself later on and I'm sure something worthwhile will come my way. But even so, I hate placements.

It doesn't feel nice to see some very deserving students losing hope after not getting placed anywhere, four days into placements season. Some of the brightest people are still awaiting calls to be interviewed. It is depressing to see these grim faces and the campus feels like a prison.

I hope things change soon around here.

2 Observations:

  1. Sharada said...:

    >Some of the
    >brightest people
    >are still awaiting
    >calls to be interviewed.

    Emphasis on Brightest.

    Extrapolate to 'Geniuses are misunderstood in their own time' funda.

    Thank you. *bows down low*

    bashes on regardless.

  1. Hey, I got thru acj for radio this time.. is the situation really bad there ? my only other option is Xaviers mumbai :P

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