Roomie Woomie Haaye Rabba!

Room 101 ACJ Rocks!! (Wall art by Amma)

One of my roomies is singing really loudly even as I am typing this. I think she is singing "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun". Wait. Lemme check.

*tip toes to the other side of the room. Peeks. tip toes back*

Err. It is an unrecognizable Telugu song.

Now, I've been thinking lately about my first few days here at ACJ. With no known friends (of course, immediate roomie I'd met during the interview and told her I'm getting married soon and she suggested I run away, assuming that it was an arranged marriage :P); I was like "What have I done? Why have I come here?". But soon, I realised I have the best possible roomies that I could get.

Proud to say ours is the coolest and the most peaceful room in the entire hostel (me and my roomies think so :P). Here is a few reasons why:

Reason # 1: We are simply the best combination of room-mates. Three Hyderabadis and One Japanese...errr...Pune-ite (Now THAT is something that can get me killed....) :P

Reason # 2: We have the most adorable 'adopted roomie' in the whole not-so-wide hostel. Her laptop goes by the name of "Pupul Chatter-PC". HOW COOL IS THAT? :)

Reason # 3: We don't communicate like normal mortals do. We chat. Online. Sitting across two beds in the same part of the room or even sitting in ANY PART OF THE ROOM. We chat. ONLINE. Beat that!

Reason # 4: We have an awesomely balanced sense of humour. Two tell legen....wait for it....dary jokes, one tells pathetic jokes and one...well, finds everything a joke. The adopted roomie is a walking, talking, jumping, 4'10 joker. She'd make Heath Ledger proud I say.

Reason # 5: No one smokes or drinks here (well drinking occasionally doesn't count as drinking, right?). We don't fight, we just bug each other a lot.

Yeah. That's that. I THINK my roomies are the best. Original and adopted combined. Ok?? OK.

What's that noise? Oh. It is roomie again. I think NOW she's singing Hum Aapke Hain Kaun.


It is some Telugu movie song again. DAMN!

Roomie Woomie Haaye Rabba!

3 Observations:

  1. Awwww!! That aside,

    It was probably some unknown Tamil song.

    2) I will assume it is Pooja and me who crack the legendary jokes. You can take the pathetic da.

    3) Does this mean I'll be hit again?

    4) runs

  1. shukriya....shukriya...for showering all d praises on me...!!! well even if u didn't intend them to be praises, i refuse to understand d puns(if any)invloved.

    n as for ur room being d coolest...cum to ours and feel d fresh breeze of swaminathan's freshly prepared dung...n den we'll decide on d "coolest room" thing.

  1. pooja said...:

    1)I agree with amma, Awwwwww!
    2)don't run Sharada, i've been calling her jokes pathetic ever since she started cracking them in front of me :P
    3)Puplu, you ARE a joker!that is not necessarily praise! though being compared to Heath Ledger qualifies as praise i suppose...

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