Two months....Almost!!!

Gosh, I cant believe I've been out of action all these days. :(( I wasnt gonna write today either but then when I visited my blog I said, "Hey, its awefully long since I wrote about anything...chhaa!!!"

I am running a slight temperature and tomorrow will be my last exam. Its burning hot here and I've started to look like the charred remains of one Ms.Smriti Srivastava. So, lets get started once again then :)

It was my birthday on 3rd May...I turned 22....Yay!!! :D

I hadn't expected much since exams were coming up and I had got used to getting my birthday ruined last three years running...all coz of exams. I thought this year will be a similar affair, with me sitting in my room and studying. No friends to meet. No celebrations. No cake cutting (although I dont like the whole cake cutting funda...its mandatory as a family tradition...will explain soon). And No gifts.

I share my birthday with an aunt of mine (Kanak Bua) and we have been celebrating our birthday together for ages now...well 21 years to be exact :P. Big brother Rahul and everyone else in the family insisted we meet up at Kanak bua's place and just have a quiet dinner. All arrangements were made. Food, Ice-cream, cake...etc etc and people to eat all that stuff.

Things turned out very different to what I had expected. After a long time, Divya was with me on my birthday, and I think she got a little bored coz "the family" wanted a piece of me, every other minute. It was good to have Divya there with me coz only we know why. :)

The whole family gathered, including a new almost-member of the family. To-be-Jeejaji Rahul (yes, another Rahul), fiance of my cousin Maneesha, was in attendance with the regulars. The cakes were cut...two separate cakes for me and bua. Now we come to the tradition. Even when there's one birthday, two cakes are ordered anyways. Coz everyone grabs a little cake and smears it one the faces of the nearest person they can find. I escaped everytime, but today was not to be. Rahul Jeejaji the culprit painted my face with the cake and I tell you, I'd rather have it in my mouth than on my face.

Divya wanted to join in and put some on my face too but when I said no, she retracted. You'll have more occassions to do that Diva ;) I put a lil cake on her a tilak :P

So all in all, this was the first birthday I hadnt been looking forward to and I enjoyed the most. Didnt need any gifts, had the happiest of times with my entire family and spent quality time with a dear friend. What else does one want on their birthday??? :)

Oh yes, I did get a few gifts...but the best one was by an orkut friend who wrote in "Hey Happy Birthday...Just a gift...You should be called "Kimriti" from now on" :D :) :) I couldn't stop the smiles all day.

Just wanted to post something so started out with this. Now I hope you will remember Kimriti's birthday...right??? :D

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  1. Jaydip Mehta said...:

    Birthday celebrations with family members are always good. Late happy birthday to you.
    I did not get one thing here, what is "Kimriti"?

  1. Hey Jaydip...Thanks for the wishes :)

    Well if u visit my profile on blogspot, u will realise that I also maintain a formula one blog and I am a huge Kimi fan.

    This orkut friend of mine dedicated me this name which is a combination of "smriti"+"Kimi"... :) An honour :P

    Thanks for the keep visiting :)

  1. Alok said...:

    Smriti, belated happy birth day to you :)

    I wanted to share one of my fav quote after reading this post -

    "Fly free and happy beyond birthdays and across forever, and we'll meet now and then when we wish, in the midst of the one celebration that never can end".

    keep smiling :)

  1. Diva said...:

    Jaan, I dont need to put in words here.. just like we dint need words to tell each other everythin that day there.. :)
    Yeah, it was after 4 years gap that we were together on ur bday!! The last time we were together- was in 2003 and i rem watching harry potter-chamber of secrets movie that day with you :P
    Its been so long... gosh.. its 2008 now!!!
    And being with you on ur special day meant a lot to me, as much as it did to u.. may be more!!
    Wish you all the happiness in this world... I wish I cud give even my share of happiness to you.. your deserver it all :)

    PS: ANGEL... wish your life is wat fairy tales are made of ;)

  1. @alok- Thanks for sharing that amazing quote. Really appreciate that. :)
    And thank you for the birthday wishes too. :))

    @Diva - HUGS!!!!!! :))

  1. Nithin Jayan said...:

    hello, pal...great meeting ye...loved the comment you posted in my blog...i'll call it one of the strongest responses i've ever received...and more, was really surprised to find my link in yer mate..
    n yupp...belated b'day wishes...
    n mind b'day falls on may 30...when i officially becum a 'major'...hi hi...i'll check in if i've got wish from thee...

  1. Jaydip Mehta said...:

    Smriti, please allow me to post comment which is not related to your this post.
    I like the statement at bottom of your blog very much ...

    "I am not beautiful like you,
    I am beautiful like me" ..

  1. @Jaydip -- Thanks a tonne for the comment dear. :)

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