Beginning the "VALENTINE'S WEEK..."

  • Well, I don't really believe in the concept of Valentine's day. Just another day in my life... irrespective of whether I'm in a relationship or not. It is amusing sometimes to see the coffee shops decorated as if for a wedding party or something. Actually, don't want to discuss V-day celebrations. This is what I came to write.

    I absolutely CANNOT live without my copy of the Reader's Digest. I get very impatient every month until it arrives. And this month, it was such a surprise to see it in the mailbox in the first week itself. So, as they do in the previous years, they run a feature on real-life love stories in the month of February...for very obvious reasons.

    This time, they included the story of a guy named Patrick Moberg who saw this gorgeous girl in the train and thought that she was the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately for him, by the time he made up his mind to go up to her and start a conversation, the train halted and the girl got down at the station. He didn't want to run behind her at the risk of being labelled a stalker. He just wasnt able to get her off his mind.

    He thought of putting posters everywhere to find this girl. Then he thought otherwise...and I think that was really wise of him ;). This guy is a web-designer. So he created this site to find the whereabouts of that girl:

  • As luck would have it, the site was well publicised and finally, a friend of this girl contacted Patrick. GOOD MORNING AMERICA arranged a meeting for those two... must've been so awkward... hehehe. Now he knows that this girl is an Australian immigrant named Camille... and as he says on the site...they are talking... :)
  • I think I saw a movie which has a somewhat similar had that NSync dude Lance Bass or something his name was. Anyways, good to know that such love stories actually exist.
  • Why am I blogging on this?? Well discussed this story with Diva and we recounted those days when 4 years ago I really liked this guy in my class. Knew only his name. Naren. Spoke like 3 times in monosyllables..."hi...bye...". On the day of my last exam, I thought I'd just go up to him and ask his number or something... just talk...say something brilliant maybe...Like I could!!!
  • I noticed he'd finished his paper early and had left the room... and I still had a lot to do. I monstered up the speed of my writing... don't worry...I wrote legibly and I passed. :) . I submitted my paper and just went out searching for him... in vain. After that I never saw him again. Tried searching for him online, went looking for him many times on the road that he travelled on a daily basis. But luck wasn't on my side. In a sort of way, at that time, he was the man of my dreams. And I rued the missed opportunity of never being able to tell him that I had this huge crush on him.
  • That part of my life had become quite hazy for a while with everything else that's going on in my life. But just reading the magazine today, brought back all the memories attatched to those FUN days... that feeling... seeing him everyday in class...missing him when he didn't turn up...discussing him with Diva... good days.
  • And for everyone reading this... NO I'm no longer looking for him... Closed that chapter and moved on with my life. Just thought of sharing this story with you. Hope you have fun reading it. :)

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  1. --xh-- said...:

    :-) thazt kidn of sweet memory which hurts now rt? went to see a frnd today, and read teh story in the RD today noon :) well, next time whn u see a guy like that - dont wait for oppertunites, ask for teh numebr in teh first chance :-)

  1. He he he... Anoop, can I plz have your number.... :P

    All jokes apart, yeah it did hurt for a while but after that I learnt my lesson ;) Some of my girl pals sorta eroded my brain back then with stuff like "Wait for the guy to make the first move"... Hell, that DOES NOT APPLY in the current times ;) I've been more forthcoming after that ;)

    Thanks for your comment.. appreciate it. :)

  1. Hemant said...:

    Beautiful story

  1. Shruti said...:

    hey wouldn't it be nice to get in touch with him now? true there's no desperate search now, but wouldn't it be nice to be friends?

  1. Shruti said...:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  1. Smriti Srivastava said...:

    I guess so Shruti but unlike earlier, I'm not THAT EAGER to meet him. Sure if I bump into him out of the blue, nothing like it... would tell him about my crush on him (finally :P)... too bad for him that I'm not single anymore ;)


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