Blast from the Past...AGAIN!!

Divya finally finished with her fun tag and brought up something very interesting. Something that was so casual that I didn't think it was necessary to lock in my least concsiously.

In the fun tag, there was a question "WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION OF ME". Divya gave a very unexpected answer. She thought I may be upset or something looking at the answer, but I started laughing instead. Her answer to that question was, "A girl with Zabardast Pocket Money". I met her at Harvard Public School (Now Howard instead of Harvard), in 1995 when I joined after finishing my primary education under the montessori system. If you aren't aware, a montessori school is usually until class 4 only. AND WE NEVER HAD UNIFORMS UNTIL THEN!!!

It was a new thing for me. A new school, the pressure of making new friends, wearing a uniform for the first time in my life, and having to put a plait/braid for the first time....worst of all, applying oil to the hair. :( It was just toooooo much for a little girl to take. Life seemed so rosy before it all happened.

People didn't talk to me much then. Just casual talk. I wasn't talking much either. So where does the whole pocket money thing come in?? When I told mom on the first day that there was a small canteen in school, she gave me Rs.20 the next day to buy whatever I wanted in the break time. I usually was a loner at the breaks. Just hung around the canteen till the bell rang.

Mom never asked me what I did with the money. She just kept giving me Rs 20 everyday. That may not seem a lot now but in 1995, I did not know the value of Rs.20. For me it was just a few bucks that my mom gave me everyday (partly coz I came home whining everyday saying, "I hate this school"). She wanted to keep me happy, she thought that was the way. Soon it was known around my class that I had 20 bucks a day.

I don't remember how, but all of a sudden a few girls started befriending me (I am not in touch with any of them but I would still not like to give out names here...though I remember very well). They accompanied during lunch breaks to the canteen, made me buy stuff for them. I was naive back then. I just thought at that time, that I've suddenly become popular. But I was never so stupid to not realise the main cause of this popularity. I knew I had the bucks. I found out that at such an age, kids don't get that kind of pocket money. I learnt a new lesson...though it took me a little time to learn it.

That was one of the first times that I realised that money is a powerful thing in this world. Fortunately, I found friends who saw beyond my pocket money (Divya being one among them). I found friends who appreciated me for me and not for the perks I got along with me. I learnt that there are things more important in life than money. The most important lesson--Money will only buy you temporary happiness. I saw that temporary happiness. Then I found the more lasting one.

Today me and Divya were cracking up each other on the phone, talking about our school life and the times we had fun. It was a good chat, as usual. Looking back, I think I needed that pocket money phase very badly. Coz that made me realise some very important facts of life. I continued to get pocket money for a very long time. But by then, I was a wiser person. I would know by then that my worth is not measurable in terms of money!!!


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  1. --xh-- said...:

    that was a ncie old leaf from ur past :-) good that u got friedns who took u for what u r and stick with u - they r treasures fo life :)

  1. Diva said...:

    yeah, i knew the reason why some girls befriended you in/around 5/6th classes...I dint wanna be ur friend at that time prolly bcos i knew that i wud get lured by the money factor too(i cant deny, i never got any pocket money then)!!
    Infact, i kept my distance to be true...till 6th class almost,i spse!!
    I think i felt like being ur friend bcos i found that emptiness in ur eyes that i felt within myself... I cannot describe it now, it was a long time ago n i dont remember the details...
    But i do rem that when i saw u frowning once, i felt like it was me frowning... God only knows wat connection he made me feel...
    But I think the best times we had together in school when we had our common faves-SLICE & COFFEE BITES everyday after shcool(hope u rem :D)when we became friends in 6/7th classes or so.And I also rem, we used to share the money or alternate in buying them!!!
    I guess 'Money is wat makes the world go round',... but we never made it the base of OUR friendship.. n thats why i think its so STRONG :D

  1. Alok said...:

    I landed here from divya’s blog, good to find some nice people around. I could see a discussion is on … about money’s role in life. Frankly, it an important factor but how does that matter with friendship, luv or any such relationship. Well, some people always end up with gross, when they try to put both money and the other important factors such as the human relationship on the same platform. To my realization, both are different things altogether and there can never be a comparison whatsoever. One helps you to live (money) and the other (all those human relationships) without which you cann’t think of living. My 2 cents :)

    Anyways, it’s good to know about some light sparkling moments of your life.

    Keep rocking & blogging ...

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