Wedding Season...ON!!!

Well its the wedding season. I had a wedding in my family too. It was usual, coz these are occassions that the entire clan is out in its full force. We sang, we danced and we made a huge racket. We enjoyed. Oh, it was my cousin brother who got married by the way. :)

Last year, it was a sort of unrealistic year. My college gang comprised of us 5 girls - Me, Semina, Poonam, Richa and Urvashi. The Famous Five...we were called. I guess none of them knew that the fifth member of the original famous five gang, was infact a dog. Anyways, so that was us. We had been together for 5 years... 5 glorious years. Last year, well the gang sort of broke.

Richa, Poonam and Urvashi were the three marwari girls and hence were to get married as soon as their graduation was over. It was like the purpose of their education was to help them find a better groom. Of course, what family they married into was also important. Richa's marriage was more of a business alliance. Or it seemed that way. She is extremely happy in her marriage. Richa was the first to get married last year. Then it was Poonam, followed by Urvashi. Semina went away to London for Higher studies.

Looking back, these girls were special in their own way. They were extremely talented. They still are. But when I look at them now, they seem a far cry from what I knew of them in college. First things first, I'm still getting used to seeing them in sarees. Though Richa has relatively "forward" in-laws who let her socialise a bit more than the others, Poonam and Urvashi spend most of their time in kitchen. We hardly get to talk these days. Whenever I call, they are busy with something or the other. I am not trying to sound like a feminist here. Just telling the stories of my friends plainly as I can.

Today is the wedding of a male friend. Srikant. He's more like an elder brother to me. Has been so since school days. He's a marwari too and well... succumbed to family pressure for getting married. I don't like the caste system and all, but... when I ask, what's the hurry, all I get to hear is "I'm a xyz... In our system, we are well past our age for getting married". Its such a shame that these talented people aren't able to realise their full potential. And they are asked to take up the responsibility of marriage at such a young age.

I just felt like blogging... on just any subject. Since I'm getting ready for Srikant's wedding...I thought what better thing to write on. Me and Divya will be going there in the evening. He called up a while ago asking us to dance in his "baraat". Yeah right!!! :) And in all these years, today is the first time I'll be at Divya's place for a sleep-over. ;)

So, I leave you with my rants for today. Have a great time fellas!!! ;)

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  1. --xh-- said...:

    yeah, ppl do change after marriage... one of my classamte - i used to call her 'dreams' - she was one of the most active girl sin my class; a total enthu cutlet girl- her hubbys family didnt even allowed her to call her male friends for her marriage. it zsad when we think about that- all the wasted talent aft marriage.

  1. I graduated from NLU. did my MBA MBL from there. when we finished my graduation i gave the entrance with 5 of my friends and 22 of those who appeared got thru. and out of five of us 4 of us were the first four in the merit list. the fifth a girl was ranked 23 she didnt get a call. the friend who came first topped all 4 semester. then she got a senior management offer from HDFC chubb she gave it up is married and now in new york and a house wife. its ad isnt it. she could have given up her seat the fifth in our group would have made the cut and would actually be doing some good with the degree

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