Retire Mr. Akhtar!!! :P

The Great Indian Laughter Show... Let's ask our News Channels to compete... PLEASE!!!!!

The coverage is funny to say the least. I am guilty of watching another Hindi news channel debate on the ongoing Indian series of Australia, and man is it hilarious. The language used, the poetic tones to it all, make us wonder if Javed Akhtar could come up with this kind of poetic genius.

Cricket being obsessed over as a religion in India, the News channels are having a field day with the on-going cricket series. One controversy after another.... just ample news fodder for sustaining their TRPs.

Star News was what I sat down to watch. The presenter was like that dude from "Sansani" who just shouts out whatever he needs to say. He went about praising the Indian culture and tradition and it was just toooooo much self-praise. Agreed you are proud Indians like us, but don't sing it out in the way that you do. Anyone reading this...You HAVE to see Star News on one of these days to understand what I am talking about.

And these News Channels are such hypocrites. Look at them defending our players now (I was watching the debate on Hayden's Radio comment thingy). These same news channels make such hue and cry EVERY single time we lose a match. Player by Player analysis, ball by ball analysis. They dig out the players track record in international and domestic cricket and debate on that. They want to be virtual selectors. God!!!

Anyways, it all boils down to this. I feel most HINDI news channels I see thrive on over- sensationalisation. Others manage with plain sensationalisation. That's the only way TV channels are selling anything. Quality content is very limited, and most news channels are more or less a video diary of the page 3 parties.

I had a good time watching that "SPECIAL REPORT" on Star News today. Why didn't I switch the channels?? I wanted to watch ultimate mediocrity... It turned out to be pretty poetic in the end (not in a good way). :P


P.S. As regards the title, IT WAS A JOKE (Maybe a bad one...) I don't ACTUALLY want Mr. Akhtar to give up on his stuff. He writes brilliant verses and I have utmost respect for that man's talent. :)

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  1. agreed, news channels are too sensational its just too stupid at times, once i saw a ticker saying "breaking news : Mr Bacchan catches cold"

  1. Yeah...I remember that...Gosh!! :D

  1. --xh-- said...:

    yup - news chanels and tehir over sensationalisam and dishing out things from bachans cold to what not - they have become more of entertaintment/gossip chanels than actual news channels... even the news papers r not far behind - the day Benasir bhuto got assasinated, every paper carreid it as a front apge news, but for TOI, the front page was an ad - a whole front page ad...

  1. Soham Shah said...:

    Nice post !!

    You might enjoy reading my post on indian news channels:

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