Dizzy Busy!!!

Well, the wedding is over... And I'm trying to get back to a somewhat routine life. Last two-three days hurried by, me grappling with filling examination forms for my CA exams and getting other paper work in order. Believe me, I'll remember these struggling days forever. Roaming on the roads on warm afternoon, trying to make sense out of all the paper work that goes into meeting the requirements for this course. Phew!!!

Anyways, more random rants. As I said, last few days went by with me roaming around with the CA stuff. Something wierd happened. Wierd for me, dunno for you.

There is this guy I've known for about 10 years. He's the son of a family friend and I usually see him at family functions. I lost touch with him about 3 years ago, and met him again recently at my brother's wedding on the 16th. So about this guy. Known him for 10 years, and about 3 years ago, he told me at another cousin brother's wedding that he liked me. I thought he was trying to pull a fast one. He took my number from a cousin and called me up a few days after the wedding to say the same thing again.

It was kind of wierd for me. I told him I didn't share his feelings and nothing would work out here, at least for the time being. He was a good acquaintance and I hardly knew anything about him. He said it was okay, and didn't call for a few days. After that the calls became pretty rampant, coming at odd hours. All sorts of rubbish was spoken, I had been very rude for the first time in my life. Finally I told him if he continued to call me, I'll tell my bros. He'd be taken care of then. Anyone who knows my extended family, have a pretty good idea what dealing with my brothers is all about. That's a scary proposition.

So that's that. He stopped calling and cut off any sort of contact. I completely forgot about him till I met him at the wedding. He stayed back for really long...as the whole family danced to the tunes of the DJ, he sat there taking videos of me and my sister dancing. A cousin of mine pulled him into the the dancing crowd and I took the breaks exactly when he came on the dance floor. By the end of the whole dancing melee, I asked him to show me his cell. I saw the videos of me and my sister being the focus and immediately deleted them.

I had to tell him off once again, but this time he seemed much more poised than the last time I met him. Although the whole video thing was something I think shows immaturity, he took my blasting quietly.

Now the wierd part. I've been roaming around the city for the last 3 days for work purpose. And everywhere I go, I see him. Its almost like we are roaming inside a square box and running into each other occassionally. I've been going to very different parts of the city and he's there before hand. Its very very wierd. I'm staying home tomorrow. No, not hiding from him (why the hell should I??). Starting studies full blast....ahem ahem!! :P

I have more things to write on. Dinner time now. See ya folks!!!

4 Observations:

  1. well he is weird and i hope he is not stalking you but yeah the brother threat is scary ive been at both ends of the threat at times though the receivenig end was never my fault. oh and best of luck with rue studies

  1. oh and ahave you been to jodhpur ever its real nice. oh clowns are not scary but its wierd i mean some one with a smile painted on their face is wow i mean its just strange

  1. @Shanu

    Yeah I was wondering if he IS stalking but ruled out that possibilty. Its just a wierd co-incidence that we are landing up at the same places all the time.The brother threat and recieving end--well I know ppl who face that for no fault of theirs... tricky sometimes isnt it??

    Yeah I've been to Jodhpur quite a while back...it was a very short but extremely memorable trip. I love Rajasthan.. been planning a long trip there but doesnt work out. Will hopefully get to visit soon. :)

  1. --xh-- said...:

    thazt an eerie coincidence... been at teh giving end of this 'my-big-bro-will-deal-u' situation, but thankfully, never recived it. if he coem to u again, give him brotehrs treatment...

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