A Royal Experience....

No I haven't been made the Princess/Queen of some random ex-princely state in India or anywhere else in the world. If that's what you thought when you looked at the blog title.

I live in the cantonment area in Secunderabad (did I mention that before??). As you are aware that cantonment area is full of greenery, its a paradise for nature lovers. Its calm, peaceful and serene. My house is in a beautiful gated community at the end of this cantonment area. And it is a model community for greenery.

So this morning, I went for a very "late-morning-walk" inside the colony and as I was walking, a few leaves fell down on me. It felt nice... By the time I came for the second round on the same stretch, there were even more leaves. I am bad with seasons...especially in Hyderabad/Secunderabad where you have like Summer, Extreme Summer, negligible winter, Rains (If you can call them rains). Autumn, Spring...whatever...NEVER noticed them.

Here I am, on a morning walk and leaves falling on me every now and then. Finally by round four, it was a few petals of flowers that started falling with a sudden, unexpected gust of wind. And it just felt sooooo great!!

It was like how they show in the TV serials (Mahabharata, Ramayana to be more specific :P). Flowers being showered at royalty. I am no royalty, but the morning breeze coupled with the flowers falling...I couldn't help but stand there for a minute or so and bask in the unexpected thrill of feeling like a royal. Its was Fun!!

Had A real Good Morning today!! :) And Not a bad day either!!! :)


3 Observations:

  1. lovely Imagery, secundrabad is reall really nice one of my cousins was posted there a few years back. i love it.

  1. --xh-- said...:

    itz alwys ncie to take a quite walk in the morning - itz one of teh luxuires of life i miss so much... :)next time whn u go for a walk, click some pics and post them...

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